Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pseudo Patriots

When are people going to get it? When did people become so frozen in their emotions they lost logic?  Critical thinking has gone out the window, intellectualism has become ignorance, and people just don't get it.  

When you sit on Facebook and spew all of your hate and anger, you show the world how incredibly weak and dumbed down Americans have become. On a global scale, look at us. We're a joke, we're hypocrites, we're liars, we're bullies, and no matter what our societies believe, the world sees the truth.

White people, Black Lives really do Matter. I’m sorry that racism is so huge in this country,  you are blinded by your whiteness. I’m sorry that black people are being slayed, daily, to get the ignorant whites to support severe police brutality, or in other words, Martial Law. You push pro police memes and post angry comments like, then don’t get in trouble with the police, then. (Just know, I always hear the unsaid humph and see the sticking out tongue that goes along with that mentality.) I’m sorry, white people, I was raised in Dearborn, circa 1959. I am as white as you, so I fully understand what you mean when you throw your support behind the cops that kill. If it was in your city, would it be acceptable to you? If it was your child or grandchild would you defend the officer that killed her and recite: well she stole 3 c.d.’s, six years ago, she was a criminal, she deserved it? One of the harsh realities is many think, how could it happen to my child, they’re not black. I grew up watching that attitude. Admittingly, I am guilty of many racial thoughts, in my past.  It was the politic of Dearborn. I lived the ordinances that were created to keep blacks out of the city.  Yes, white people, you don’t want to live in black communities and you don’t want them in yours. You say it’s the blacks that crate the ghettos. Again, if you knew the facts, you may get it. You may understand why Black Lives Matter.

Here, I have to throw in the newest Facebook meme: Anyone caught rioting should be banned from welfare for the rest of their lives. Yes, white people, many of you believe only blacks riot. They, obviously, think that sixteen-year-old rioters, will grow up to be dependent on the system, because that’s how black people are. Your remedy is to pose economic sanctions on an already strained situation? Criminals should be tried in our judicial system. I swear, it’s like there was a glitch in programming and your mind went blank.

Christians, I truly do respect your choice of dogma. I, also, respect Mormons, Catholics, Jewish, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Scientologists, and every other religion on this earth.  I respect all religions; I do not think prayer should be said in public schools. I don’t get it. I went to school with so many of you that consistently post: Bring prayer back into our schools. I’m fifty-seven years old. We didn’t have prayer in public school, at least not in Dearborn, nor have any of my children, except when they were in Catholic schools. It was my choice to put my children in a school that recited prayer. So please, stop with that. Prayer has no business in the public school arena. If you want your children to pray in school, put them in a private school. That’s how that works. Unless of course, you want to clutter the student’s day with prayers from all religions perceivable.  Don’t even try the really uneducated excuse: America was founded on Christian values. It is not true. Yes, you’ll argue, you’ll put me down for saying it, but you won’t research and seek the truth. If you attempt, it will be with citations from the Christian Science Monitor, not a history book. Holy cow, some of actually believe the earth is only 6,000 years old. So, please, stop, or don’t. Just know when you do post those things, intelligent people, the ones with the facts, are shaking their head. (Oh, and that other favorite, where bibles aren’t allowed in schools, well, I’m sure, if it was carried and read on a student’s free time, the Gestapo wouldn’t come and seize their book. At least, not yet.)

Another feather ruffling issue for me is, "Drug test Welfare recipients, because I had to pee in a cup to pay for them."  I do laugh at you guys, while I’m shaking my head. Really?  Americans stand in lines, with little cups, willfully. We have to submit body fluids to our employers and our government. Let that sink in. Why are you complaining: Why do we have to and they don’t? (Again, I hear the, It’s not fair, whine.) When the real question is, why have we allowed ourselves to have to submit body fluids to anyone, for any reason? The, we have to, so you should too, thought process, boggles my mind.

As for Colin, I’m glad it’s catching on. Of course, you’ll disagree. You will fight, slander, and even want to impose economic sanctions on him, while I feel pride. I know you can’t grasp, again, what Colin has done to bring awareness to an American condition. As you spew, “He’s disrespecting our flag,” “He’s disrespecting Americans,” “He should be fined,” and, “He should be fired,” (of course, we can’t forget all of the irrationally ignorant insults you publicly throw,) the movement grows. Are you really that unaware? I find myself thinking, and you vote? That’s a serious concern. You guys vote, without having a clue of the power of your vote, or what you are voting for. I know, and I hear this all the time, our vote doesn’t count. Well, with that mentality, it never will. To bash Colin, without a doubt, is a hypocrisy. Sadly, as you clutch to your judgment, you’re blind to the exact thing you say you’re about.

Now let’s traipse into the well beaten issue of the Syrian refugees. Again, I wonder how it feels to talk out of both sides of your mouths. First of all, what do you know about the Syrian refugee issue? Do you have any clue why there are so many Syrian refugees? I know, it’s common knowledge that we are bombing ISIS in Syria, right? Are you sure that is the only reason? Well, mainstream media and Facebook meme’s say it, so it’s all you need to know, right? I guess you don’t know why Putin is defending Syria’s Assad. Could it be that we sent chemical cylinders to the un-American soldiers, without instruction on how to use them? Those chemical cylinders went off accidently. Of course, we didn’t take responsibility. We turned it around to benefit us. We blamed Assad. We said he launched those chemical weapons on his own people. He didn’t. We did. We tried to use accidental chemical detonation as a catalyst to bully our way to overthrow a government, but Putin, rightfully, stepped in. Oh, I know, now you will call me a communist, or a Russian sympathizer, because you don’t even realize that Russia isn’t communist anymore, but, then again, that’s only if you know who Putin is.

NRA, come on. You guys are the best, or worst, for seeing only one issue, they are trying to take our guns. Little do you know; you guys are the worst for voting for the regimes that are setting the stage for your guns to be taken. While you support total gun freedom, you refuse to acknowledge that being loyal, to only the 2nd Amendment, your vote destroys the meaning of the Constitution. Your vote supports Blue Lives Matter. You support the abuse of police power, helping to change us into a police state that allows officers to shoot and kill. American value? Nope, that isn’t acceptable to any real American.

Every one of you claim to be pro Constitution, Patriots. Your stance, on every issue above, conflicts with the very crux of what it means to be an American. You cast stones, scream, belittle, and humiliate that flag, you know, the one you claim you pledge your allegiance to (but only in public.) You call your politicians names, like Killery or Obummer, showing simple disrespect to your country. You shame me. You desecrate the value of my Americanism. You are free to say whatever you like, it’s a 1st Amendment right, but, you also bare your ignorance in doing so. You are the sheep that continue to lead our Constitution to slaughter.  It’s with illiteracy, you cast your vote. You are American decay.  You turn a blind eye to facts, while your ears are busy gobbling up mainstream gossip, then your mouth vomits ridiculous soundbites into social media.  I am an America that values our rights. I value equality, due process, search and seizure, peaceful protesting, and religious freedom. Those are my rights as an American. Those rights were penned in for a reason.  It is my fellow Americans, my people, that fought, died, and were maimed to protect those fundaments rights. How dare you disrespect values that others died to secure?  No, I will not leave my country, because half-wits lack facts and run on prejudiced emotion. I am smarter than you. I will fight, with all my might, to keep my country free. I am a Patriot. I am an American.  I respect the fallen. I will defend my country, and my people, while you sit there, chomping at the bit in your pseudo patriotism, fighting against every American value we’ve treasured. I believe in America. I believe in the fundamental basics of Lady Liberty. No, I won’t leave, I’m a freedom fighter, and I won’t make it easy for you to destroy it. Throw all the insults you like, because I throwback fact. Maybe, just maybe, one of you will American up, instead of living drunked up on idiocrasy. Ignorance isn’t bliss when there is so much at stake.

Let freedom ring.



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