Thursday, February 9, 2017

Michigan for Revolution at Leon's Family Dining, Dearborn!!!

Yes, I’m a snowflake, but I am not whining because I’m a liberal, or libtard as I’ve been called. I am not a bleeding heart, I am a moderate. I am not a democrat, I am an Independent. I am no longer a Christian, I am not a Muslim, I am an atheist. Therefore, I choose not to be led by the Torah, Quran, or the Bible. Propagandized media, preached for sensationalism and ratings, does not lead me. I do not fear Muslims, any more than I fear Christians. I do not fear illegals, or refugees. I do not fear instilled threats of Islamic terrorism. However, I am afraid of the broad stance of homophobia, xenophilia, or islamophobia that has increased with this current regime. I am also highly concerned of the rights Americans are going to lose do to a high level of corporate control. While the country is divided over race and religion, behind our backs, our rights, and the rights of our children, are being signed over to our new owners, the billionaire class. I am afraid that led in by fear, unknowingly, the people are supporting anti-constitutional laws, in the guise of God, terrorism, or job creation.  Over 20 years ago, I shared with a colleague, Charles Noble Esq, that I believed, due to the sever loss of our rights, that there would be a revolution within the next 20 to 25 years. Here we are.

Yes, I am afraid, but I am not going to whine. I am not going to argue with the ignorant or the uneducated. I am not going to explain facts to those that believe in the alternative. I am going to rise. I am going to hold up those that choose to rise along with me. Intelligently, we choose to take a proactive stance and resist, non violently, and in numbers.

I was invited to a meeting held by Michigan For Revolution by my bestie, Jill Megdall. This meeting was a new branch of a resistance group already solid in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Ayman Khafagi came to ignite a chapter of the grassroots movement in Dearborn/Dearborn Heights. It seems to be working.

I attended. I was impressed. I am very knowledgeable where politics and billionaires are concerned. Ayman impressed me. He shared my sentiment on many issues. He was informed. His base tool was fact and it was an awesome way to draw me in.

Yes, this is a political revolution. We intend on making our representatives and senators work for us, as they should. We will let it be known, that if they vote against their constituents, they will not be reelected. If they take money, we will not support you. If you continue to sell us out, we will vote you out.

We can all begin to loosen the grip of Wall Street by taking our money out of the banks and depositing it in a credit union. Look at the big move against Wells Fargo for their support of DAPL, Seattle just took three billion dollars away from them. Good job, Seattle. That’s a little step that can tell them, in numbers, that we are serious. They understand numbers, it’s usually what ends up in their total balance line at the end of the month.

We must involve ourselves in local governments. We will no longer turn our heads and ignore what goes on in the lives of every elected position in our city, county, or state, or country. We will only vote in progressive ideas, based in the freedoms of our constitution. We are done tolerating lies, propaganda, and fear. We aren’t afraid to stand up, we aren’t afraid to be Americans.

We need to show up and stand tall. We are what our soldiers have fought and died for, not Cheney’s Haliburton, not Koch’s Keystone XL, not Bush’s oil, and certainly not Trump Towers. Many gave their limbs, and too many gave their lives, all we have to give is our time, our true American intelligence, and our attendance, to preserve what they sacrificed too much to preserve, our freedom.

We are the middle and working class. We are the crux of America. Without us, the billionaires fail. They can out source our jobs, we will buy  from only local and small business. We, again, like in the seventies, should only buy American.

We’ve been lazy and we’ve dropped the ball. It’s time to unite, as one, and stand tall, like our lady who stands alone in the cold waters of the Alantic. Through uniting in diversity, we will conquer our suppressers.

There is another Michigan For Revolution meeting again tonight. I may not be able to make it due to some medical issues, but I’m going to see if we can do Facebook live, (while we are still allowed) for those who want to attend, but can’t. If not, check us out, stop by, join us.

The meeting will be held at Leon’s Family Dining on Michigan Ave., just east of Telegraph on the north side of the street, in Dearborn. We will be in a banquet room at 7. Hope to see you there!!!

Gathered snowflakes can become an avalanche.

Thanks for your support,


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