Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today, I Am Gay

Today, I am gay. Today, I choose to love Joanie, not Joey. Today, I desire the touch of another woman. Today, I long to the kiss the lipstick soft lips of my lover, while smelling my own perfume as I explore her nakedness. Today, I choose love over make believe, passion over sex, and courage over acceptance. Today, I will shout in every Cathedral, every Church of Christ, every Assembly of God, and every dwelling that claims to worship Jesus Christ that I love a member of the same sex. Today, I respect my predecessors who have suffered at the shame of family, degradation of society, and the immense condemnation of Christians who hide their hatred behind my God.
No longer will we, the Homosexual-American, commit suicide from the depression of non-acceptance, harassment, and hatred. No longer will we cower, hide in the proverbial closet, or feign heterosexual relationships to please others or to gain acceptance. No longer will we play don’t ask don’t tell within a military full of patriots, as I too, am a patriot. And today, I will not hide and I will openly show love to my partner. Today, I am free.

Today, as a Homosexual-American, a lesbian, or to some of you, a bull dike, I am going to tell some people exactly what I feel inside my carpet munching heart.
Representative Lynn Luker (R-Boise) proposed an anti-homosexual bill. This bill would allow doctors, lawyers, police personal, or any other licensed professional to deny services to anyone in the LGBT community if our way of life offends their religion. It bans pulling the license of those who discriminate against us, via their religious views. Considering many male Christians, and Christian leaders, (not only Catholic) has had indiscretions with young boys and girls, (which trumps our non-pedophile homosexuality) you should check yourselves, not exempt yourselves, in the same vein.

You are hypocrites. You are not followers of the Christ you claim to worship or you speak with a forked tongue. If God is the Creator, I was equally created. I am your sister, you are supposed to love me, not pass judgment on my sexual desires in the privacy of my personal life. As a homophobic, are you not hiding your real desires of homosexuality? Are you hiding deeper than in a closet, but in the locked deep cellar of your mind? Don’t you know the same God you claim to worship knows what’s in your heart? Will you be damned to eternal Hellfire alongside of me, my brother? Or will you burn deeper and at a higher temperature? I hate no one. I don’t discriminate or push my lifestyle onto you. Am I following the true word over your words that spread hate and injustice?

This excerpt is taken from the original article:

The Cornerstone Family Council is backing Luker’s proposal, which is now awaiting a full hearing, to prevent the state from passing laws to block people from “living out their faith.”

“The free expression of religious freedom is no longer understood for what it was intended,” said Julie Lynde, executive director of the conservative Christian group associated with Focus on the Family. “There’s a double standard against people of traditional religious faiths.”

As an American, I fully agree that every American has a given right to live out their personal faith, but that isn’t faith that imposes sanctions on others. It’s their personal faith, between themselves and their God.

Julie Lynde needs a history lesson if she believes that freedom of religion justifies condemnation of others as if Christians hold the septor to the gates of Heaven. The reason for the freedom of religion clause was based on everybody’s right to believe as they chose to believe. It was to keep people from imposing their religions on other sects or believers. It was written because of all the violence and death caused by the believers that killed anyone who believed in a different road to the same God. It was created so people would be free from religious persecution on all levels. It was also written well enough to allow all readers to know, without a doubt, that America was a nation of diverse religions and did not and never would, have a national religion. In this regard, Christianity fails. It was written outside of politics and it was well documented that religion had no place in government. The founding father's could foresee the insanity in fundmentalist beliefs.

Unfortunately, this bill passed through the State Affairs Committee with an 11-5 vote and now moves on to the House.

Just for today, I understand how far from American constitutional values we've grown.  I have learned, in just a day, what a travesty our nation is. We live in a state of the imaginary illusion of freedom. Just for today, I vow to vote against any republician, or anyone that represents any republican, that chooses to impose sanctions against the very crux of America, Freedom.

Just for today…


  1. not just for today but always & allways .

  2. I believe that none of this would be happening if people would keep their preferences to themselves and not make such a spectacle of their sexual preference. I don't really give a rats butt about it. If everyone was gay we wouldn't have to worry about Nations. There would not be any. I am not a logical person but two people of the same sex together, just doesn't add to the worlds population. Yes they adopt and I think that is a good thing for the homeless child. Something is better than nothing. Some do very well in that situation. Someone in that relationship has a chemical imbalance. It is happening more and more. Some people are gay because they like the life style of today and go either way. That to me is being promiscuous. Maybe there are some who hide behind God but the fact remains it is not normal but we have to live with it. And we should but we don' have to like it. If a person's religion dictates no abortion, no room for a city of salt then gays have to accept that. Life is tough and if you can't play by the rules then you have to expect criticism as we we taught all through our childhood. As I said, I don't give a rats butt but I find it tasteless for gays to blatantly through it in my face and dance in the street half naked and make a spectacle of themselves.