Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is Snyder Resurrecting Slavery In Detroit?

I am rarely disappointed by the audacity of Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, and today is no different.  Rick, during a time of national immigration issues, appeals to the federal government. His desire is to bring 50,000 highly skilled immigrants from India and other countries. His goal is to populate the bankrupt city of Detroit. His plan calls for 5000 the first year, 10,000 for the next three years, and 15,000 the fifth and final year. He wants their freedom restricted at the beginning, forcing them, by the conditions of their visas, to work and live within Detroit city limits. Is Snyder’s goal so different than the L. Brooks Patterson comment about fencing in the Indians, or was L. Brooks talking about the Snyder intent? Was it a radical slip, with intension, or a clear insight as to what was about to happen? The biggest question in my mind is this; is this so different than herding the African slaves? Isn’t it the same concept with a different agenda? I find it even more interesting that none of this was broadcast in local media. I had to search to find a credible source, which I did find in Reuters. Imagine that.
Considering these visas are only supposed to be granted to the highly skilled people of other nations, are they prepared to move to a severely poverty stricken area with high crime and low education standards? Highly skilled workers will not want to live and work in an urban area that has been left to decay by the politicians that, term after term, promise to fix.

Snyder is comparing this adventure to the visas granted to physicians invited to come to service our high poverty areas.  We outsource our medical care for the under served in the form of American visas? Amazingly pathetic.

Now, to further the burden of the American taxpayers, the highly skilled workers will be granted these visas without the promise of employment. Where are these high skilled automotive, information technologists, healthcare, and life sciences educated people, going to work? Considering many won’t be able to speak our language, and if they can it’s poorly articulated, that doesn’t make for top notch employment, unless, they are going to be hired by capitalists that will rape them of their knowledge for a penance of what they are worth. Again, we’re back to the slaves that should be grateful to be here and to have a job, but if that fails, we’ll throw them a hundred dollars a month (after the cuts to the SNAP program that was passed with the new farm bill) for food and try to starve them back to their homeland.
Once again, I’m ashamed to be an American. We let our urban areas fall to the ground. Every politician played up the waterfront property and danced to the corporate swish of green paper being thrown at them. They ignored the neighborhoods, blamed the people, then not only accepted, but expected the urbanites to live in poverty.  No Mayor or Governor made drastic moves to clear the abandoned homes or the garbage ridden lots used for cover to drug deals, rapes, and murders. Once the private sector was secure, through planned and elaborate bankruptcy schemes, the property is leased to high bidders who will make personal profit. Now, they need to ship in the slaves. Will they promise them riches while they lock their freedom into the city limits of the most dangerous American city in the United States, without a choice?

As Rick said: "Where else in the U.S. could you find a house or a lot for the prices you're going to find here? It's a good deal….”
If it’s such a good deal, Mr. Snyder, why don’t you, Dave, and Chuck get together and purchase a neighborhood or two. Why don’t you reconstruct the filth into a desirable area, and then sell it back to the out of work skilled tradesmen in America at an affordable rate?  

Better yet, why don’t you move your family to a downtown Detroit neighborhood, educate them in the Detroit Public School system, after all, it should be good enough since you appointed Kevin Orr as an Emergency Financial Manager, right? Let your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews play in the yard and walk the streets like normal children, and every night tell yourself how lucky you are to be there, even  better still, do it on minimum wage, without health insurance, and on Food Stamps. Put your money and your pseudo intelligence where your mouth is, and live first as you intend to cast someone else into living…after all, your words: It’s a good deal.
I would vote for a homeless, begging, addicted, street person before I would ever cast a vote for you, Rick. You are as bankrupt morally as Detroit is financially.

Till the next time, Pam

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