Friday, August 28, 2015

Take A Stand, America

It's no secret that Donald Trump is pumping up the masses. American bigotry is effervescing through the fabric of his elite, Mexican made, fashion line. He appeals to a base I would like to silence, though I respect the Constitution too much to attempt to silence any sect or belief system. He demagogues as a financial wizard with wings of a sectarian politician. The Donald singles out those he deems less important. In the same blowhard tone, narcissistic Trump idolizes those entertained and embellished by his scathing and pompous demeanor. Though, my personal belief is his attitude, on a global scale, will get us nuked, I think The Donald is playing a role in the transformation of Americanism.
The flip side of Trump's antics and spewed propaganda: Bernie Sanders. Bernie, a man that has
fought for equality and civil rights his entire life, stands true and votes by standards of the American
Constitution. With honor, he doesn't want to change our protected freedoms. He honors the words,
scribed and signed by our forefathers, to guarantee the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of
happiness.  Americans, albeit white, black, brown, yellow, gay, straight, trans, short, tall, fat, thin,
racist, secular, religious, atheist, ugly, pretty,  smart, not so smart, disabled, young, old, rich,
poor, working, unemployed, anchor babies, and bigots, have earned and deserve the rights of the

Besides a shared and inconsequential hair issue, these two men have the chance to change it all. Though them, we may find our way out of the party choke hold. Both men, on opposite sides of the fence, have the power to abort party affiliation. The Donald is drawing crowds in record numbers with his billion dollar ability to achieve national media coverage. Bernie is drawing record crowds without bank. The Trump field, filled with bigotry and hatred, is pushing ideals that feed division, whilst the Bernie camp presses on for unity and equality on all levels.  Bernie calls out the Koch initiative. Bernie stands to rise above corporate greed and ownership of the Senate and Congress. He
is waging war on behalf of a failing middle class that seems too ignorant and too uninvolved to save
themselves. Trump, well, he is intelligent enough to take advantage of the dumbed down American
Campaigning under different dogmas, the power to change the 'nuts in a pipe wrench' two party strangulation system, can end with these two candidates.
On the left, The Democratic Party is refusing to acknowledge Bernie's existence, claiming Hillary has no clear and present threat.
On the right, they are opting for loyalty oaths. Trying to limit and control which choices the people will be allowed if Trump is not the choice of The Republican National Party. This party wants to tie hands and force support of their choice in this pseudo free country of ours. They are always about one form of voter suppression or another. Trump scares them to death, but their party lacks any credible contenders. 
The fear of independent runs, by either candidate, is already filling newsstands. Anchors are whispering gloom and doom from commercial broadcasting desks. The fear is Trump will 'give' the presidency to Hillary if he runs without RNC support.  The Dems, they're in hush mode on the epic Bernie frenzy. I believe they think if they ignore him long enough he will go away.
I have a brilliant idea. Let The Donald run as Donald Trump, without a party affiliation. He's come too far to let down his supporters, nominee or not. Let Bernie Sanders run without a party, as well, staying true to his supporters. Let the RNC run their ALEC and Koch candidate, and let the Dems put up their Wall Street candidate. Let's let the people have their say, let the people declare the next President of the United States, not electoral votes, not Supreme Court judges, but the people, one by one, vote by vote. Only then can we retrieve our balls from the scrotum of the two party system.
Let's send a message and let them know: We the people is the #1 basic American principle, we aren't joking, we aren't playing, and your two party ideology is over. Let the people speak, quit silencing the masses, and let freedom, for once in many, many years, ring.

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