Thursday, April 3, 2014

Koch's are from God? No, They are Diabolical

It’s no secret that I detest the Koch brothers. I have written many times on the maliciousness of the billionaire brothers. On September 13, 2013, I wrote the way they were trying to change their image. This was in reference to the ten thousand dollar donation to the Detroit Zoo. Now, behind the evil smile is a hundred million dollar donation to a children’s hospital. People are crooning, almost drooling, as they sing the Koch praises. I want to hurl.

Facebook conservatives are singing Koch praises and if one dares to question their motives, George Soros is thrown up. The misunderstanding and mislead and thumping the Koch drum, falling into the hype. My stomach turns.

This isn’t about money in politics, this is about buying politics and pretending it is in the best interest of the people. Keystone pipeline, where the benefactors are the Koch’s and China, is flaunted into our faces as a good thing for America. A little research would uncover the truth, but people are lazy and they buy into American Thinker logics. It simply isn’t a fact.

The slams to The Affordable Care Act come from the Koch corner. They are the trainers of too many republican politicians. They are the backbone of the Tea Party, A.L.E.C., American’s for Prosperity, and numerous anti-climate change reports.  They are the nation’s worst polluters and this goes far beyond George Seros and other money in politics.
It’s never been a secret that both Rick Snyder and Scott Walker both live in the Koch pockets.

The Supreme Court, along with American greed has given all the billionaires, on both sides, the right to buy our government. The Koch brothers play the role of Joker in our undignified governmental Batman series. Where are the heroes? Where is the true “can’t be bought” American leaders? Where is the common man and his voice, the voice of our labor force, our voice on anything? It’s been silenced by underhanded bribes and lack of patriotism from corporate greed.

The Koch’s are the most horrific of the bunch. Their dumping, their pollutants, the formaldehyde they pump into the air against emission laws that they ignore, the Keystone Pipeline without care or concern of the land or the people in it, the whitewash of global warming, all contributes to their net income and to our demise.

For the love of God, people, wake the hell up, do your own research. Maybe then you will see that these billionaires are diabolical, not Michelle Bachman’s quoted: “sent from God.” She is confused, ignorant, or on their payroll.

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