Saturday, April 12, 2014

Debate This!

Writing politics forces me to find the facts on any given situation. Not a conservative or a liberal fact, but the fact, the only fact there is to the situation. Because there is so much bought propaganda, and politicians that push it, the facts aren’t always easy to find. Some believe their nightly Fox News, some MSMBC, some CNN, without realizing most aired media ignore many issues that are staring us in the face in America today. They talk on sided political selling points like gay rights, the Russian invasion, womens rights, all to incite the bases.
Talking with my dear friend Craig Degregorio about politics, though we stand on totally different sides of the fence, we agree on one thing, the lack of respect to our politicians. We voted for them, they won, like them or not. How dare any American post names like Obozo about the President of the United States? To loyal and patriotic true American’s, that’s a treasonous act.

Craig asked: “Don’t you want it to be back like it was when we were kids?”
hat question really provoked the thought leading to this writing. Yes, I want it to be back like it seemed to be back when we were kids, but that wasn’t real America either. I want America to raise the bar on itself. I want America to live up to its school taught and propagandized chest thumping.  We are far from it. We, as we stand, and maybe as we always have stood, are not what we claim to be. We are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The truth is only hidden from our people, globally, others are clearly aware, making our people look like idiots with heads stuck in the sands of denial.

My America is the America that can lend a hand to a country that may struggle with food or other needs. Not this massive power that causes problems in other countries to create a situation so we can pretend to rescue them. We need to see it for what it is; it is whitewashing clear capitalistic intent. It appears more obvious in today’s world, but it isn’t any new thing for America.
In my America I believe in freedom for all, not just the select few or the religious Christian. Freedom for all didn’t segregate or imprecate. Freedom wasn’t based on gender, age, creed, national origin, sex, or race, much less, and who would have ever even dreamed to add in, sexual orientation. Freedom to all American’s. That was the keyword. American’s.

In my America we have matured past the barbarism of physical war. Killing people would be as illegal, by now, for governments as it is for people. We are supposed to be civilized and killing the kids of underserving families just doesn’t make sense. It’s barbaric and something

America should be above and beyond.
In my America, nobody can rule with the bible. The bible and the spirituality that connects people to it is something done at home or with other worshippers at church. It isn’t for government. As an American, if I am punished by the laws of the land should I also be punished by the law of God, even if I don’t believe in that God? If I do believe in that God, am I now suffering from Double Indemnity? God doesn’t rule America, the bible doesn’t rule America, the people do. My constitution protects me from a state religion. My constitution protects me from you imposing your Christian beliefs and laws upon me. I am free from your Hellfire and brimstone because, I am an American. I am free to worship, or not, how and when and whom I choose, solely, because I am an American. Please quit taking that from me and please quit trying to impose your spiritual beliefs as laws upon me, I’m an ‘American, I’m allowed to make my own choice.

In my America, my politicians are honest men. They have honor and want the best for the people and the country as a whole. They don’t play upon a class system and don’t cast out those unlike themselves. They tell the people the truth, even if it may hurt him. He or she has honor, dignity, and enough self-respect to hold the highest office of our land, lying would be against their nature, deception, impossible.

In my America, a politician wouldn’t be allowed to slander a competing politician; mud-slinging would be beneath them. They would run upon their own personal honor, not on the tail of the incumbent’s shortcomings.

In my America, money in politics wouldn’t have any power, electoral votes would be voided and only the popular vote would count, and all people of age would be required to cast a vote. To limit voter suppression, voting would be done at home, sign in on your personal computer with your active social security number. Those without a computer could use local polling places. This would cut down on long lines and weather issues, identification issues, and all else that is used against a voter.

In my America, laws like the Patriot Act I, II, and the National Defense Authorization Act, which are laws that are all anti-freedom laws imposed on American’s robbing them of their constitutional rights, would be abolished.  NSA would also be abolished. Maybe if we stayed out of everybody’s business they wouldn’t feel the need to terrorize us. We aren’t despised globally without cause.

In my America, we wouldn’t have jobless or hungry. We wouldn’t have so many people working for low wages; we would have a solid and healthy base for our economy. We would create laws that wouldn’t allow our wealthy to continue the growing gap to larger than a third world country.

In my America, I want media to be honest, not bought and paid for. I want integrity in reporting. I don’t want to hear people on Fox News spewing garbage like people kill themselves from smoking pot. That’s ridiculous and insane.

In my America, I want justice equally for all. Politicians are people, not corporations.  But if Corporations are people hold them all accountable.

In my America, lobbyists are invisible and meaningless, because right is right, wrong is wrong, and the politicians know the difference. Red, White, and Blue are their favorite colors, not the green of greed.

In my America, our food is nurtured, not doctored to poison us. We would be protected, not infected from by our nutritional needs.

Does it matter if I’m a liberal, a conservative, right, left, black, white, gay, straight, if my toenails are painted, or not, isn’t this what you, as an American want to?

Now, I wish this is what we could be. This is the America I was taught in the public school system to believe we were. We aren’t. Everything about us has fallen into the danger zone, our education sucks, our freedom sucks, and the values of our politicians suck….let’s make us a decent America…It begans with educating yourself.

I want to be a part of a nation of pride, not shame. I’m tired of being embarrassed of being an American.

Till the next time,


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