Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Reds Are Coming Debacle

I knew something was up with the anti-Russian sentiment in America. Suddenly, Russia was being American media bashed. Articles were being published concerning Russia’s anti-gay sentiment as we are trying to make laws against anyone, especially the LGBT community. I knew something was coming. So, today, we are warning Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, not to involve himself in the Ukraine. The Internet is full of fears and support for the U.S., hyped up war with Russia.  Articles are screaming against Russia invading the Ukraine. Propaganda. American propaganda, pushing pens of unknowing authors who grasp a headline and run with it without the research it takes to alert the people. The writers should investigate before they etch their name on something. Newsflash guys, the Reds aren’t coming. Russia is no longer a communist country. They are as free, if not freer than we are. They do make laws, just like America, but unlike America they make laws to protect their people and their land. They have stepped up and banned Monsanto. How dare they speak out against poisoning the people, the land, and the water supply? Those damn Reds. Run, hide, and fight. We have to go to war. The Reds want to take over the world. Hurry kiddies; hide under your desk to protect yourselves from the nukes. Been there, done it. Like with any liar, they project onto someone else what they are guilty of themselves. Our nation is no different.

Freedom. That is the name of the group that overthrew the Ukraine government. Civil unrest there is not any different than we have here. Many far right Americans call for a revolution on a daily basis. All you have to do is read Facebook to see it. The far right is willing to bear arms and start a killin based more on religious control. Occupy the liberal’s movement, is more about nonviolent change and protecting guaranteed freedoms written in our United States Constitution. It seems one thing we all have in common, not just in America, is that we are tired of the position our governments have thrown us into. It’s forced even the 1st Amendment, a much protected value of the American people, to hide behind closed doors as censure of information. This is ordered by our government via media and Internet. Occupy, and the masses of people who are tired of government regulations  of what appears to be New World Orderish, is the only thing global that has seemed to work so far. Should our government run in to reverse what the people of the Ukraine just fought and died for? Should American troops that are supposed to resemble the true meaning of freedom become involved in a country that just freed the people? Absolutely not. Isn’t for and by the people what the soldiers fight for? Yeah, I thought so.

I’m so sorry, American government, that it didn’t work out quite the way you intended it to. I’m so sorry that nominated Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk felt more comfortable to asking Russia for their protection in the Ukrainian issue, probably from the United States. Like many other countries, they don’t want us there. They obviously don’t want the E.U. there either.

Vladimir Putin didn’t make up weapons of mass destruction to invade a country. He was asked and he took it to his parliament. They voted it in fair and square. Deal with it.  

As Americans in basically the same position, shall we send our children and grandchildren to fight against the basic American principles just because our government doesn’t like it? I think its American principle versus American hypocrisy. Are Americans so selfish that they only believe American values when it pertains to other American’s? If so, that’s hypocrisy as well. Our wars are supposedly fought based on those freedoms. Shall we commence to fighting and killing? Isn’t that against our own principles?

My huge question to the American government is this: Iran, Afghanistan, N. Korea, Egypt, Syria, and now the Ukraine have all had involvement in the political affairs by our long and bullying noses being where they don’t belong. Why isn’t our own federal government protecting our own rights as well as they protect others? Why isn’t the country going to war against state governments that are raping the people of their American basic protected rights? Why aren’t you warning the tyrannical Governor Rick Snyder that is hitlerizing Michigan? Why aren’t you going after the American political demons to protect our own people? You have the authority; you signed it in with the National Defense Authorization Act. Why aren’t you protecting us?
The reason to me is clear. The bigger picture is also clear. I get it. America and its vendors are the problem.
So for all the fear of Russian led war, ask yourself this: How many countries has Russia involved itself in? How many countries does Russia have troops protecting? They rarely involve themselves. They are a quiet nation, and like the fiercest beings on earth, you can only poke a stick so many times.

No, the Red’s aren’t coming. They aren’t who we need to fear. For many, globally, the fear comes with the Red, White, and blue are coming. They don’t want us, trust us, or even like us. We are bullies, and like with any bully, people tire of the abuse and they join together to put the bully in its place. Putin isn’t afraid of America. He is doing what was asked of him without phony weapons to get his vote approved. That’s too American and it isn’t how he rolls.
I think Vlad is more like a lady I once knew that said: “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.”

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