Saturday, September 21, 2013

Warning: Don't Buy the Smile

I recently heard David and Charles Koch donated ten thousand dollars to the Detroit Zoo to create the perfect artic climate for the penquins. Then I watched a television commericial with Dave's smiling face. I don't know what he was promoting, but I assume it's about changing the Koch image. I wondered if there was a political race in the near future. The thought scares me to death. The bro's are super billionaires that buy and train republicans, from Eric Holder to newbies on the block, to vote toward privatizing everything imaginable, from the prison system to the educational system. For years they have been destroying our land through mass pollution, fracking, and genetically modified foods (DuPont). Their plants emit carciniogens into the air and into the water in the form of formaldhyde causing cancer and death to many. They created the tea party, without the baggers even knowing. These brother's have too much control of our laws, land, and lives, without any reguard to any. They are tyrantical deviates born out of greed. Dave and Chuck, not the halarious radio duo, but the power hungry capitolists, are behing many of the smear campaigns and the backward republican thinking that's going on today. After all, that's how they are taught at Koch Kamp.

When you see the Koch faces, plastered on your television, smiling, pretending to do something good, ask yourself what their intentions are. They want you, the people, the sheep, that are easy to lead, to follow them. It's no different than a trick or treat custome. Beware of anything or any political that has Koch ties. This is not paranoia, it's fact. Detroit is a prime example.

Open your eyes, don't trust the smile, and research the boys before believing in them, after all, their father made the original Koch wealth through his dealings with Joseph Stalin. How much blood is on the Koch dollars? One wonders.

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