Monday, September 30, 2013


Be it the Retro-Republicans or the Democrats, at this point, I’m sure both sides are in agreement: Shut it down!

Porking up the debt ceiling bill is not the way to go. I think most Democrats and Independents respect the no pork clause that President Obama refers to as, “a clean bill.” I do.

The last debt ceiling bill brought us Section 735, The Farmers Assurance Provision Act, also known as “The Monsanto Protection Act.” This is the bill that porked provided immunity from federal intervention if crops were known to cause any issues, even health issues, to the consumer. No pork this time. It’s the debt ceiling or shutdown.

I don’t understand why the Retro-Republicans want to bilk a bill that was ruled on in the Retro-Republican Supreme Court. It seems these laws create a whine fest among almost fifty cent of the nation.

So many people are confused about the implantation and the protections of The Affordable Care Act. Many believe the billionaire’s push against it. Of course the high powered insurance companies and billionaires would be against it. It’s a no brainer.

The fact is our medical practices fall forty-fifth, below Tiawan, and we are the last first world country to jump on the bandwagon to a national medical plan. Isn’t it time we took care of people instead of the billionaire’s bank accounts? I think so.

The billionaires have pumped millions, if not billions, into negative ads against “Obamacare.” The pushed propaganda is fed through commercials and local governments, like the governor of Georgia, who has been a spokesman for the elitists. How many dollars has his bank account grown?

 If I hear one more person say that the plan will euthanize our elderly I’m going to scream. Doctor’s have been writing those orders before Obamacare even came into view.

A friend called, in tears, begging me to write on the medical condition of her mother. Her mother had had a mini stroke and seemed to be fine. The doctors were going to send her to a rehabilitation center. Her heart was functioning at forty percent. The plans instantly changed and my friend was told her mother could only to a nursing home. Not knowing any different, my friend and her brother allowed their mother to be sent to a local nursing facility.

The first day of visitation her mother was in tears. “Why aren’t they feeding me or giving me my medicine? They won’t even give me a drink of water.” She asked her daughter, my friend.

Her daughter thought it was her elderly mother’s way of instilling guilt for allowing her to be put in the facility instead of taking her home.  She ignored her mother’s cries.

The second day, she went through the same thing. Still, she ignored it. She felt her mother was just afraid. She reassured her and told her she was just there for rehabilitation and would be released soon.

The third day, my friend noticed her mother’s tongue was almost peeling off in chunks. It was then she believed the words her mom had cried. My friend stormed to the nurse’s desk and demanded to know why her mother wasn’t being fed, given water, or taking her normal medications. She was horrified to hear the nurse’s response. “It is doctor’s orders, nothing by mouth.” My friend asked about feeding her and giving her water. She couldn’t understand that her mother was being euthanized. She took her mother out of the nursing facility, with a new added dilemma, Mercer.

In my friend’s tirade she begged me to write and expose this nursing home for allowing her mother to die. She ended her statement with “that damn Obamacare.”

I tried to tell her Obamacare had not even begun, but with her southern culture, she disagreed. Her mother was ordered to die, by starvation, by a doctor. She was dead set to blame The Affordable Care Act, the Act that hadn’t even begun to be implemented, due to the propaganda the Retro-Republicans have pushed, heavily, in the southern states. My friend lives in Georgia.

Too many people are listening to their famed Fox News. The people listen to the television commercials that are funded by those who do not want the Act to take effect. Ask yourselves why the billionaires would be against it. Then you will understand that it isn’t about all the rumors you’ve heard, it isn’t about what you have been hand fed from news commentators or commercial representatives, it is about helping people. How can you argue against that?

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