Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama and my American Government,

I am disgusted that my government represents all of our people. Yes, I disagree with many on a political scale, the conservative right keeps the inane issues flowing, blinding the people from the reality of what we have become.

Hitler spoke on using fear as a great modifier, didn’t he? Isn’t that exactly what the World Trade Center was? It worked, didn’t it? The young fled to enlist and many reached for God. Fear, flight or fight, is a natural response to an attack. So many still believe it was a terrorist attack, because they believe our government would never kill our own people. Amazing that in such a brilliant and free country the people are so easily blinded by banter. I wonder, did Bush and Cheney high five at each other as families wept?

Suddenly, we were in Iraq, how did that happen? Of course, our government knew most people wouldn’t know the difference, they were too consumed by their personal fear or need for retaliation. I did know.

The World Trade Center gave the government a huge bite of our freedoms, of course, all for our own good. The liberals blame only Bush, calling him out as the fascist he was, but the conservatives call you, Mr. President, the communist, when you are just as republican and as fascist as George, aren’t you? You, Mr. Obama, signed the National Defense Authorization Act. That law raped us of even more freedom than W’s Patriot Act I and II. How could any American leader sign a law into effect that would allow the degradation of Due Process, a guaranteed American right? How could you sign a law that would allow our own military to attack our own people on our own soil? That’s pretty pathetic for an American, wouldn’t you say?

Those anti constitution laws you sign against us are penned with the “for your own good” clause. There is no good that can come out of it except dominate control.

President Obama, if your agenda is to help the progression of human existence and to secure our American culture, why is Russia looking more like America than America does? Why are you trying to censure us? Why has our media been allowed to be controlled by a corporate base of maybe six billionaires? Why do you continue to allow Monsanto to poison us without our knowledge? (And it isn’t only Monsanto, but it’s the Koch’s DuPont, Bayer, and a few others.) Why do you allow fracking when you know it will chemically destroy our ground water and our land? Why have cancer causing chemicals been dumped on big cities to track what effects it will have on the people?

It amazes me that the Patriot Act I, II, and the NDAA, are all signed into law, robbing us of our freedoms, while our soldiers fight and die to free other people from oppression. I call bullshit. We are a bully nation and we will only go where the resources can increase the pocketbooks of the wealthy Americans. Our government, our politicians, and you, President Obama, couldn’t care less about our health and well being. You allow us to eat poison and you make laws to protect those poisoning us. Euthanizing away our existence, buy the natural selection of the elite.

When the politicians, including you, Mr. President, don’t like the law of the land, they change it, or simply ignore it exists. Look at Egypt, their coop that we refuse to call a coop. Why do we refuse to acknowledge that, Mr. President? Of course, anyone with a half a brain can see our greedy little American hands in that pot. We can’t acknowledge it as a coop, can we? If we do than we can’t continue to send fighter jets and other military aide to help those who over threw the Egyptian government. It’s against the constitution, so ignore that part, forget that we were talking to the chief military commander in Egypt the day before the coop began, cry innocence, and make excuses as to why they still need our aid. We are a joke. We have spun so out of control it’s pathetic.

Now, there is Syria. Do the American citizens know that both Russia and China warned us about getting involved in Syria? No, most don’t, but again, I do. We were warned with grave consequence about interfering with the Syrian civil war. I know, they need us, right? So, do what Bush did with weapons of mass destruction, create a chemical warfare situation that would require our involvement. Russia is pissed and knows we are responsible if a chemical attack really happened, but recent reports say the area was bombed so there may not be any evidence of chemical attack left. Wow. Really? That act has USA written all over it, seriously, who do you think you are fooling? This global economy is going to need a global leader and we think we are going to take it. The bullies come marching in.

Don’t even say we can control this government with our votes, you war mongers try to control that, too. Look at how Bush won office? He didn’t. He was appointed. So were you, Mr. President. If Hil’s votes weren’t cut in Michigan and Florida would you be sitting in that office right now? You know you wouldn’t. She beat you as Gore beat Bush, but there was no honor in either of you or you would have backed down with American heroism and said, “I didn’t win, the people spoke,” Power and Greed prevent any man from having honor and it didn’t go unnoticed. So, like so many other American rights our voting system has also became a sham.

Let me get this right: Our Michigan Governor, Dictator Snyder, has broken many U.S. Constitutional laws. Why are you concerned about the Syrian, the Egyptian, the Iraqis, the Lebanese,  the Iranians, the Jewish, and the Saudi’s, but you could care less about the loss of democracy in  America? Why are our own states, and their conditions, ignored for the civil issues abroad?

So let’s be clear, even though the majority of war supporters claim they are Christian, they are the ones leading us to Armageddon. It all begins in the Middle East, remember? Our government strips us of our rights as American citizens. Our own government allows corporations to poison us without our knowledge when over thirty countries in the world have outlawed GMO foods. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, has continually warned you, our American President, to follow suit and to ban Monsanto and other GMO companies due to the land and food pollution that is destroying the world globally, and President Obama, you ignore him. Same with fracking, it’s destroying our land and water mass, poisoning us with chemicals, but you turn your head. The Koch’s get away with it all, even Keystone XL, but we’re worried about the civil wars in small Middle Eastern countries? Corporations are people, spying is okay, and there are mosquito drones. I guess that’s all for our own good, too, right? You have got to be kidding me.

So, Mr. President, please do tell me, who is more treasonous? The American government that has sabotaged our American Constitution or Ed Snowden for leaking what a sham we are? Who should really be held accountable? You have allowed war to be waged against our own people on our own soil. You have allowed room for mass genocide of your own people through the works of Monsanto, the Kochs, and a few others. You have waged a war against our U.S. Constitution by ignoring the laws by which we are governed to fit a political agenda. Who should be held accountable for treason? Who are the world’s greatest terrorists? I have a dollar that says globally the other nations, including our own, would scream America. I want my America back, President, what are you going to do for me and my people? Do tell.

Till the next time,


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