Monday, July 15, 2013

Travon Loses Twice

I deactivated my Facebook account back in February. There was too much drama and I didn’t want to deal with it. I reactivated it yesterday, just in time to see all the insanity posted on both sides of the George Zimmerman acquittal.

As I read the posts, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at some of the posts that were filling my homepage. The white American’s are just as guilty of making it a racial issue as the black American’s. The issue is blown out of proportion on the race issue. A dead child is a dead child, black or white. A cocky, over-zealous, pompous man, with an over inflated ego, is still just that, it isn’t because he is Mexican.

I remember the beginning coverage. I remember the first glimpses of George Zimmerman. He wasn’t the chubby looking man with the conservative, side parted, hair. He was in shape and his bald head would stereotypically put him in the group of gang-banger, thug. If in a different location he may be considered a Latin Count.

Now, Travon, a hoodie wearing, black teen, looked like every other teen. He didn’t appear to look like a gang banger or a thug, he looked like a kid, but he was black.

Now, taking race out of the picture, taking out the stereotypical labels, you have George Zimmerman, a man that wants to be a police officer. He wants to protect society without a license. He wants to be a vigilante. That’s all fine and good, but the person you are hunting has to do something wrong in order to be hunted. Travon didn’t. George did.

George, in his power as the neighborhood watch commander and chief, passed judgment too quickly on an innocent American. In his own words to the 911 operator he labeled and convicted Travon as being “up to no good.” His judgment was wrong. An American is not up to no good just because he is walking home in the rain with his hoodie up over his head. Now, of course, if it was a white kid would George pass that same judgment? We have no idea.

George did follow and stalk Travon after being warned by the 911 operator not to do it. He stated: “That guy is a f****** punk.” He first followed him from his vehicle and then on foot. Why didn’t he just watch Travon to see where he was going? I guess that wouldn’t make George feel as powerful. He saw what he wanted to see, he mentally convicted him, and he acted as a bounty hunter with excessive and absolute power.

Now, being Travon, he’s a kid, it’s cloudy and rainy, dark. There isn’t anyone out on the streets. He does his own racial profiling. He sees this thug looking Mexican stalking him. He’s talking to his girlfriend on the phone as he walks home. He calls upon his Mother’s warning about stranger danger and I’m sure he was scared. Kids get molested, kidnapped, and killed all the time. I’m sure he was thinking, “Why the f*** is this guy following me?” There is no way that it didn’t send fear through his body. Human reaction is flight or fight, Travon tried both.

Now, though George admitted he stalked Travon, there was no reason to pull a gun on someone unarmed. If it’s true that Travon said: “You’re going to die tonight.” George still was under no threat. He could have held Travon at bay and called the police, but he didn’t like that this kid wasn’t going to accept George’s abuse. What could Travon done to save himself? Could he have saved himself or was George just looking to be his own hero?

I have to say, if George was embarrassed because Travon was kicking his butt in a man on man altercation, George deserved it. Travon had every right to defend himself. He was both stalked and attacked. George acted in a cowardly fashion by pulling his firearm and shooting Travon at point blank.

Now, about the 911 tape showing that someone was calling for help. I don’t understand why either side didn’t take that tape and have voice recognition identification tests ran to prove who was screaming out. It would have been proof positive. I bash both the defense and the prosecution for not testing this tape for voice recognition. It would have spared the jury the testimony of weeping friends and family members of the defendant. Being a mother of six, three which are boys, my personal opinion is it sounded like a kid screaming out, not a man. If I had to pin it on one of my sons, I would have bet it was the scream of my 18 year old over my 27 year old. It just didn’t sound like the voice of someone older.

The scariest side of a not guilty verdict in this case is George walks and is still free to carry his gun, lawfully. Will he now shoot people that he feels are going to be his attackers?

I also don’t understand the six person jury in Florida, but those laws open a whole new door.

So to Facebook poster’s, please think things through before you post your rhetoric. Please don’t bash Toni Braxton because she hid money during a bankruptcy because she felt ashamed as an American. Don’t continue to bash, try some understanding. It’s a terrible situation. My heart goes out to the Travon family for the loss of their son. Yep, he had some middle finger flipping pictures and he may have smoked weed, but have those of you who condemn checked out your sons Facebook pictures lately? You may be shocked to learn, black Travon was no different than white teens.

George looked for trouble, created it, killed someone, and walked. End of story.

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  1. Ok....where to begin.... George did not stalk Trayvon, as neighborhood watch in a crime riddled neighborhood he did exactly what he was supposed to do. To say George is pompus is ridiculous, his actions were not pompus nor where his statements. As part of his neighborhood watch he is supposed observe and report to authorities people who are acting suspicious. He is to maintain a distance yet keep line of sight, and stay in contact with the police. Which he did, when he lost sight of Trayvon he left his vehicle to see where he went. The police advised him to not leave his vehicle ( as they will advise you to not give CPR, as they will advise you to not help someone who is hurt, on fire, etc. ) George never confronted Martin, it was Martin who confronted George. Thats the facts, thats the truth. Once Martin lured George from his vehicle to assault him, Tayvon became a criminal. Trayvon didnt fear for his life, thats proven by his actions, he had a cell phone but didnt call the police for help, he lured a man he believed was following him, George had the right to use deadly force to stop his attacker. You say George had some sort of shame for getting his ass beat?? Martin was over 6' tall and over 220 lbs of muscle. He was a monster in size. I have even a more unique perspective on this. Back in 1990 my friend Jeff DeWolfe and I were cutting through yards, dressed head to toe in black and carrying pillow cases filled with his clothes as well as D&D books. We were followed and eventually stopped by the man and qustioned, surprise....neighborhood watch.we knew we were being followed, we stopped and watched him until finally he parked and began dialog with us, asking who we were, what we were doing (at 10pm) basically he kept us busy until the woodhaven police showed. Of course I was well known by the local cops and did not have to show ID however they looked at Jeffs. They interrogated us for 10 maybe 15 minutes then let us walk away. The reason why that didnt go badly was because ( well i like to think i am nor have ever been a thug) we arent thugs. We didnt want to ambush the guy, and beat him up we didnt think that way. Trayvon did however....