Monday, July 22, 2013

Detroit Bankruptcy: Test Tube Politics

I spent a large part of the day reading and researching the bankruptcy in Detroit. Yes, I am well aware of the dilapidated, poverty embellished, neighborhoods. Yes, I am aware of the mismanagement of the city funds. I know all about top heavy governments and the rotted morals of the people in power. I am even aware of the mismanagement of county funds appropriated for the new Detroit jail. I know all about greed, privatization, and free enterprise. I understand the money owed and the accrued deficit. In the other vein, I also understand the role of an emergency financial manager, the dictatorship role it gives our governor, and who funds the beat of the drum that Rick Snyder dances to.

I read, article after article, about the population drop from 1950 until 2010. I understand the tax base dropped from the decline of residents to 70,000 from 1.8 million. Newsflash, the powers that be watched the decay chase residents away from their homes in the Detroit neighborhoods. Blame democrats or republicans, it doesn’t matter, it all comes down to the same issue, nobody cared as long as their pockets were being lined. They didn’t have to live there so it didn’t matter.

When NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) allowed our big manufacturing plants to move to Mexico and hire slave labor, people backed it. They actually believed it would better our economy. How could they believe outsourcing our jobs could be good for our economy? I have no idea, it’s a no brainer to me, all it did was give large corporations the incentive to move to an area and pay pennies on a dollar without protections or benefits to the slave labor trade. NAFTA became the catalyst to many more free trade agreements which crippled not only Detroit, but all the industrial and manufacturing fed cities.

Mayor, after Mayor, bonded the mainlined growth on the riverfront. As the neighborhoods began to decompose they were deemed unimportant. The residents complained to the city about the house on their street that worried them. They feared it nourished the bad element, housing drug dens, prostitution, rape, and other dangerous situations for their children. They were ignored. The main concern remained the riverfront development.

In 2000, a law was passed by the City of Detroit that allowed police and fire employees to move outside of the city limits. Detroit’s finest fled like birds flying south to protect themselves from the winter that was about to hit the city.

Soon, plants began to close, leaving the skeletons of a once prosperous industrial economy. The neighborhoods were abandoned by those that could flee, leaving 78,000 abandoned buildings behind. Of course, crime would soar off the charts, the people became hungry and there wasn’t any relief in sight.

Adding the salt to the already gaping wound, Snyder rids free enterprise of the business tax. This robbed the cities of the taxes needed to supplement their school systems. Detroit schools diminish and fail on every level. The suburban school systems welcome school of choice students to feed their own falling incomes with the over $5,000 per head, paid by the state, to teach an outsourced student.

These aren’t reasons, they aren’t excuses, it is simply the republican agenda. When you know the agenda is to privatize and nourish free enterprise, it all makes sense. The original plan is working, the people duped buy into the pushed propaganda.

Oh, please don’t act like propaganda is something that only other countries use against us. Our government has been blinding our people since day one. It’s the supplement to any agenda.

Today, I know the damage and destruction the Koch brothers have done and continue to do to us, environmentally, politically, financially, and personally. I totally understand their ability to pocket the politicians and to fund their success. I get it. Do you?

If you are aware of the truth you will understand why the signing of the new Detroit Canadian Bridge is a farce, you will understand the purpose of union busting, you will finally see, with clarity, why our food is poisoned, legally, and why our gas prices are so high. You will fully grasp the concept of free enterprise and privatization and how it can’t stand erect in a free country. The division of wealth has become too enormous to maintain freedom.

In Utah, there is a bill to abolish mandatory education for our children. In Maine, they want to shelve child labor laws. Nationally, they think of raising the retirement age to 70. They have tried, and succeeded in censuring our internet, pulling as many incriminating videos, reports, and recordings as possible. They wire tap us, they spy on us, and they can violate our freedoms of speech. They can arrest us and detain us indefinitely without charges. They can order our own military to attack our own people on our own soil. They can implant their politicians and silence other’s. They can sign for bridges, with an impish imperialist grin, knowing they violated the voting process and severed our constitution. They have made a mockery of our freedom, of our constitution, and of America, and Detroit matters, why?

Detroit is going to be the test city. If Koch, Snyder, and Orr win in court on the bankruptcy it’s going to create a domino effect. City after city will follow suit to abandon responsibility to the creditors (which will be settled for a percentage of the original debt, either way), the elderly, the retirees, and the poor. Billionaires will flock to rescue (purchase) assets, school systems, police forces, ambulance companies, and fire departments. These people will be employees of Free Enterprise and they will follow the rules of those employers, not of the United States Constitution. Students in a privatized school will be taught only what the school owners want to be taught. We will become brainwashed, breathing, controlled human drones without any say in our destination. We will become nothing more than test subjects, which we basically are now.

So, why shouldn’t Detroit be allowed to file Chapter 9 through an EFM? Because that EFM is appointed by a dictator that is owned by David and Charles Koch, and they are as anti constitution, anti collective bargaining, and anti environment as they come.

As we continue to believe that our answer lies in the private sector we are tying a noose around the neck of the very freedom that once made us the strongest, the most educated, the most powerful nation in the world. We have become their test subjects; they polluted our minds, our food, and our freedom with carcinogens and propaganda.

With all the decay and degradation, Detroit, and their people have stood their ground with so very little to work with. The people treaded water because they had no other way out. The city has beautiful attributes that are about to be stripped away.

Michigan’s heart lies in Detroit and it’s about to be manually stopped.

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