Monday, July 29, 2013

America Fallen: Chained and Shackled

I had a short discussion with a friend, Stephen Hayes, who told me that eventually people will wake up and we will win. I admire Stephen, whom I met on the steps of the Michigan Capital during a demonstration against Public Act 4, the emergency manager law. Like me, Stephen is a freedom fighter, a constitutionalist. He is a true American that continues to hold on to the values of what it used to mean to be an American. Sadly, we’ve been bought and sold. Americans, who used to lead the world in education, technology, freedom, and democracy has fallen. Greed, power, and our own ignorance have diminished us to third world status, medically, mentally, educationally, religiously, and economically. There is no freedom left in our nation, we are prisoners, nothing more, or less.

The people rallied around laws that took so much of our freedom, The Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The government used fear, Hitler’s greatest modifier, to gain both control and support of the people.

I have had too many conversations with the religious fundamentalists that cast their votes of discrimination and hide behind God. I don’t understand this group the most. So many don’t believe the world even existed before Jesus Christ. They claim the earth is only a few thousand years old. With that belief, they vote? This is the group that protests and votes against our American freedom the most. They cast the same judgment the bible they thump warns against. They use God as their excuse to vote against abortion and gay rights when their bible doesn’t sustain it. Do they not know Jesus never spoke on sexual issues of any kind? Do they not understand that Leviticus is the only book of the bible that speaks against sexual sins? Yes, they know, but they choose to ignore Jesus to levy stones at those that don’t fit into their own mold of what other people should be. With the same self-righteous hand of judgment they continue to cast votes against feeding their own people. They back the murder of war, believing they are saving their own asses while they bash another for simply loving. They are an abomination against the same Jesus they claim is their savior. This is the sect of the Politicians Dream. They learned long ago how to work these people, via manipulation of God, they planted the seed and the God fearing followed. Jesus did say: “You fed me when I was hungry, gave me drink when I was thirsty, clothed me when I was naked, took care of me when I was sick, and came to visit me when I was imprisoned.” He said this to a man that didn’t follow God. Nowhere did he say this man got to the gates of Heaven because he cast judgment on why someone was hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, or imprisoned. Jesus didn’t stick a star on the man’s head for judging on homosexuality or other sins so he could hold back the gifts of his kindness. The entire point of the story was to help, no matter what, your fellow human beings. You take care of your own, no matter what their beliefs, sins, or lifestyle, because the people of God, in the name of Jesus Christ, have absolutely no room to judge. So many of these voters are committed to the Koch created Tea Party. It’s scary, but true, that so many are so easily led by propaganda and media. It’s even scarier that they don’t research anything beyond appointed sites that confirm what the propaganda has taught them. I guess they don’t even see the hypocrisy in their actions, their preachers haven’t told them, neither has Fox News, so they are oblivious. After all, the earth is only a bit over 2000 years old anyway, right?

I don’t understand why people, other than the fundamentalists, are so blind to what is happening, not only in America, but in every municipality in the nation. It seems the republicans are blindsiding us from every angle, keeping our heads spinning with insane bills and laws. It’s hard to keep up on a national scale.

There has been a political attack on our freedom since NAFTA. Even then I saw the grave consequences we would pay for free trade. Our jobs relocated. Yes, the politicians like to blame the unions. Corporations like to blame the unions, as well. They had to lay the blame somewhere, because the politicians didn’t want the truth known. They were falling to the feet of the lobbyists and corporate money, period. The truth is the labor union kept productivity and wage high. It sat the standard for decent wage, health benefits, decent working conditions, and the forty hour work week. Due to the hard work of the labor force our nation’s base was strong, rich, because the middle class taxes carried the American economy. As the free trade countries grew, our economy fell. As the rich became richer the poor and middle class became poorer. In reality, it’s only common sense.

We are no longer controlled by the patriotic American; we are controlled by the dreams and desires of Corporate America. It’s so easy to see if you open your eyes. All the talk of privatizing everything should be enough to shake one awake, even from the deepest propagandized American Dream.

The Republicans are pushing for the most insane bills imaginable. In Texas, they are pushing to outlaw critical thinking in our schools through censure. We have another pressing to outlaw oral and anal sex. We have laws being pushed to make it illegal to be gay and to have abortions. Yet, while in the doctor’s office the other day he was giving out free samples of Viagra. Go figure.

We have politicians fighting to rid the nation of mandatory education, child labor laws, unions, health care, social security, retirement, food stamps, food labeling, and protections by the government we deserve.  

In Michigan it’s totally obvious. The man I can’t even call the governor, the imp, the phony, the man licking the bottom of the Corporate Koch shoes, Rick Snyder, has made a mockery of democracy and the constitution. Personally, I think he should be arrested and charged with treason. The bankruptcy in Detroit is a farce and just a part of the corporate plan. Privatize everything after all the city can’t afford it. Fellow republicans support this, but I doubt the simple man even understands where this will lead. Education would be taught by the values and morals of corporate institutions and obviously, they don’t have any. The premise of “by and for the people” would be dead.  

The Michigan Imp has pretty much deleted the “by and for” part of being American. This is a man that ignored a pending vote on the new Detroit Bridge, signing for it, even though it wouldn’t create jobs in Michigan, before the vote in November. I watched the clip of Snyder laughing when questioned about his untimely signing. His words were “why would I wait?” That clip has since disappeared from the internet, like so many others.

When the people voted against Public Act 4, the emergency financial manager law, he rewrote it and named it Public Act 436, it’s the same law. The vote didn’t count. The people don’t count. Above all, the crux of our democracy, our voting system, doesn’t count.

Now, before you bash me, again, this is what I want. I want clear and fair voting rights. I think we should be more like Australia. I think every American who is of voting age the day of election should have to vote. I don’t think they should have to go to a polling booth or show identification. I think they should be able to go on their personal computer, type in their social security number, and cast their vote. If they can’t use a computer then they should go to the polling booth. It would cut costs, time, lines, and suppression.

I want to stop the billions of dollars of foreign aid. I don’t want to supply military welfare in the form of lives, dollars, and equipment. This form of welfare needs to end. I want an end to corporate welfare. It contributes to the poverty and the fall of America. Corporate control and American freedom can’t and don’t mix.

I want to stop the media from its propaganda. I want to read from an American new source and be able to believe it without two added hours of researching the truth only to find the media lied, again.

I want the republican policy makers to quit making laws against our own people. I want the American Government out of everybody’s personal life on a global scale. We need out of Iraqi, Egyptian, Syrian, Iranian, Pakistani, and Israeli affairs. It’s time for the Americans to mind their own business. I know if there was another American revolution I wouldn’t appreciate Russia or China sneaking in our back door giving aid to their choice of an American leader.

I want America to quit talking out of both sides of their mouths. I want each and every politician to be accountable for the lobbyists they bob their heads for.

I want bills brought without pork slid in. I’m sure the government would hate this, so would the lobbyists, but a bill should be a straight bill, only one issue, not a bunch of lobbyists desires that get pushed through.

I want the politicians to have to read and fully understand every bill they sign to avoid the pork they claim they didn’t know existed. If they can’t manage that task then every bill should be brought before the people for a vote.

I want to make every vote count without the need for delegates and electoral votes. This isn’t the day of Paul Revere; nobody has to wait on the mail. The public vote should be the only vote that matters.

I want politicians that can run for office on their own honor and merit without having to sling mud, like a child, at their opponent.

For God’s sake and the sake of this country and all we are based on, I want politicians that are honest, that can’t be bought, that care only about preserving our American Constitution and our freedom that is promised through it.

I want people to be people and corporations to be corporations. I want lobbyists outlawed and the politicians that cater to the lobbyists charged with treason. If power and laws can be bought it is against the people and is treasonous.

I want to rid our politics of the damned two party system. I watched a president fight for his position in the courts and I watched another lose her votes by the party that turned on her. I’m sure I know who those lobbyists were. How dare any party take away my vote, Michigan votes, Florida votes, or any vote of the American people? It’s time to allow those to run without party backing, on their own merit, without lobbyists lining their pockets and funding huge smear campaigns.

I want an honest nation, honest politicians, honest markets, and fair wages. I want our elderly not to worry about medications or nutrition. I want our children to be granted a fair education without having to worry about eating dinner. I want jobs to be plentiful and health to be abundant. It used to be that way in my land, not anymore, today we are scrappers, beggars for minor scraps of what the wealthy throw down to us and we have accepted it.

To my international readers: We are all alike in many ways. We all see the global economy cutting the throats of the working class people. We all love, bleed, and suffer for families, but we also suffer for the mistakes of our government and the 1% that have given the politicians the power to do what they have done. Some of us know the truth and some of us still believe the patriotic propaganda pushed in our faces. Please know our people are good.

We used to be a perfect world until we went corporate.
Now, what is my label, conservative? Liberal? Democrat? Republican? Or do I get to claim my fame as simply an American?

Till the next time,

As always,


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