Saturday, August 11, 2012

Puppet Man

Article first published as Puppet Man on Blogcritics.

As I read Mitt picked Paul Ryan as a running mate, I heard "Puppet Man,” by the 5th Dimension, echoing through my head. I wondered if this choice, worse than Palin could even pretend to be, would wake up the 50 percent who chant the "Star Spangled Banner," even though they are clueless as to what that song signifies. I’m sure the tune gets blurred between shouts of,Hallelujah and Ave Maria.

I have to laugh at this choice. Obviously, Mitt and his puppeteers aren’t concerned with the vote. The majority of independents are lost on Mitt’s choice. Independents are smarter and above the propaganda. We search out the truth. We aren’t easily bought when pummeled by media. We look at everything, closely scrutinizing every move made by both, and then, with critical thinking skills fully intact, vote. With Mitt choosing Paul, it seriously makes me wonder how fixed the voting system already is. If Mitt can pull this off and become president with Paul as a running mate, our people are either really, really stupid, or it is totally fixed. America doesn’t hold that many ignorant people. People with any intelligence, right now, should be humming Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.” America wouldn’t want any part of a Romney/Ryan team. I’m sure if the independents were polled today, Romney would take a huge hit. The Republicans would cry it’s because of the college educated idiots. If this team wins, I, along with many others, will know this is a fixed vote. We are done. The democracy is over.

I did read a Facebook friend's post about voting. This friend was told he wasn’t allowed to split his ticket. He had to vote a straight ticket. Since when are we told how to vote? I never vote a straight ticket. I won’t now, either, no matter who tells me what. If someone tries otherwise, well, you’ll hear the rest of that story when, and if, I’m released from jail.

While the Republican politicians are singing the songs of the self-righteous God they don’t even believe in, I, and many like me are going to sing "Free Bird," (Lynyrd Skynyrd.) At this point in politics, even I want to roll a blunt, kick back, and remember the day I was a member of a free country. The bird I will sing about isn’t a shy sparrow, but a raging and angry eagle.

George W and Dick Cheney were bad enough. I can’t imagine what will happen if Mitt decides to turn our war games over to Paul, as George did to Dick. I wish the Kochs would grow some much needed testicles and run for office themselves. They couldn’t buy an election to put themselves in power. They would lose, we already know the polluting losers they are. They wouldn’t have the guts to face the nation, one on one, with their lies and schemes, because even the dumbest of dumb could see through it. They have to use puppets. Puppets like Romney, Ryan, Snyder, Walker, and Scott play out the dreams of the billionaires who would be told no if they ran the political race. What would it be like for a billionaire, one who can buy every whim, to be told no? Oh, wait, we know. The Kochs, the Kochs who began their wealth through Stalin, were told no by Obama, weren’t they?

Mitt Romney is what happens when the spoiled rich don’t get their way. Sorry David and Charles, I think you are garbage human beings. What are you going to do if you can’t buy this election? I would really like an answer, but you are cowards. You will also to be too embarrassed to answer that question honestly, won’t you? The Kochs and the Koch cohorts think they are the Geppettos to the Romney's Pinocchio. You embarrass me. You shame me as an American. I do have an idea, though, that XL pipeline deal you desperately want, you know, because you own that Canadian land that wants the oil sands to sell to China, well, move there. Move to Canada, America really doesn’t want you. If we could only vote out citizens who should be imprisoned for poisoning the people in various ways, you would be on the top of my list.

Now, I’m going to end this by saying that anyone who thinks Mitt Romney's running mate is fit for our White House in any way, research. Look at the trash that flows from his mouth. Those who love the ignorance of Palin are in for a real treat with Ryan.

Now, I’m going to go. I “Feel Like Makin' Love” (Bad Company) to ease my mind and blow off the stress of knowing that Mitt thinks my people are dumb enough to swallow Ryan as a running mate. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief at the Koch puppet’s insanity.


  1. A group of Wisconsin union officials has voted to ban Republican politicians from a local Labor Day parade, underscoring how partisan the state has become in the wake of this year's clashes over collective bargaining rights.

    I happened to read this article. It is a shame that the union leaders (30 or more) have turn a family fun day into a political hanging. Labor Day is for the blue collar workers and the union in their day did many good things to help the people have a safer place to work but now we have OSHA, a democratic must have Dept. (for safety). This went out of control and put many people out of work. The child laws was another which is good. However, by doing so created companies to head for China. And what did we do, stuck our nose in their business. Made a big to do. Where do you draw the line. A little is good. This is not the 1900's anymore. The union are running scared and hopefully will be put out of business. You talk about freedom, then tell me why the unions have a right to force people to belong if they chose not to? And if not, either lose their jobs or have to pay for not belonging. Many states have recognized the day of the unions are numbered. The states now want to become " Right to Work" states. Your worried about Ryan. I am worried that we might have more of the same another four years. It can't get any worse.