Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: David Porter: Porter Property Maintenance

I decided to make Thursday my day for consumerism. I will share my view of small business from my personal experiences. I will promote the businesses that have gone the extra mile with old fashioned, superb, customer service. On the other hand, I will also share the experiences that fall short, both on services and attitudes. If any reader decides to hire any of these services, upon mentioning my article, they will receive a ten percent discount. I am not paid to advertise for these companies. This is purely my personal promotion based on excellent service.
My first promotion is for Porter Property Maintenance. The owner of this company is David K. Porter. Mr. Porter handles all of my lawn care and snow removal needs.

Dave is a lifetime Downriver resident. He graduated from Woodhaven High School in 1988. In his junior year of high school, Dave joined the Army Reserves.

Dave’s childhood was one of many struggles. His mother and father divorced, leaving Dave’s mother single with four young children. Nancy Porter soon remarried. This caused loyalty issues for young David. He didn’t know how to remain loyal to his biological father while accepting the new stepfather into his life.
The new marriage started off with many trials. Dave and his three siblings now had to share their mother with the addition of three new siblings, the stepsiblings, and a new head of household, Doug.

Doug took on the financial responsibility of seven children and a new wife. In the beginning it wasn’t too hard. Doug had a towing business that was thriving, but soon the bottom fell out and they became desperate. As hard as it was, the family fell to the welfare rolls. Though, poverty took a financial toll, Nancy and Doug didn’t let that affect the children. They remained very close knit as they struggled to survive.
Dave remembers his Christmas’ as bittersweet. As a young child, before his father left home, his Christmas’ were normal, traditional. There was the tree with all the trimmings and many presents from Santa. Though, Christmas was normal with his biological father who had a stable job, his father was never there. He recalls a story of Christmas as he was a little older, maybe 10 or 11. He was taken to the VFW Hall in Rockwood and was told to take a toy out of a box marked by age. At the time he didn’t think much of it; it was sort of cool getting to choose a toy, but soon the embarrassment took hold and he understood what it really meant. He felt this shame while listening to his friends talk about their Christmas gifts. They were poor, but the stepfather, Doug, (which he calls “my dad,”) was always there for them.

Dave remembers the feelings of the high points of both Christmas situations. The early education molded him into the Santa Ninja. At Christmas, Mr. Porter makes sure no child is left behind. Santa comes for any child he may know, or even have a brief encounter with. His heart will not allow for any child to feel the bite of choosing a toy out of a box. He makes Christmas wishes, even the largest, unreachable dreams and wishes, a reality for every child he knows. I know this for a fact; he has done it for mine.

Dave married at a young age, had a son, Robert, and two daughters, Chelsea and Kelly. He recently divorced. He is in a relationship with a woman, Nicole, and helps in raising her son, Aiden. There is no doubt he sees Aiden as one of his own.

Dave is a family man. He loves to golf and he plays hockey weekly.
Though, Dave’s appearance may intimidate some, with his shaved head, piercings, and tattoos, he is a very hard working, meticulous, perfectionist. He establishes a personal relationship with his customers and he cares about pleasing them. He goes the extra mile, throwing in little things, just for esthetics, and he always works with a genuine smile.

David Porter is trustworthy and dependable. He can plow snow, remove ice, and cut a standard lawn, all at a reasonable cost.  Payment can be by monthly contract or pay as you go. He will work with you. He even has barter accounts, which are pretty nonexistent in today’s world. Dave isn’t just the snow and lawn guy. He is a landscaper. He can take the most dismal surroundings and make them weep luxurious beauty. He is talented and enjoys both the work and the people he meets along the way. His customers become friends and are treated as such. He appreciates every one of us. His appreciation shows in his work.
So, my first small business promo goes to David K. Porter, owner of Porter Property Maintenance. I couldn’t imagine promoting anyone else in this field. I know, with payment, he will take the minimum for himself and he will provide for someone else, somewhere, that isn’t as fortunate. Dave is a true American with impeccable family values.

I am so confident with Mr. Porter’s preformance that if you try him and aren’t completely satisfied, I will pay for one snow removal or lawn cut by a company of your choice.

To contact Mr. Porter please call: (734) 308-3459.

Till the next time, enjoy your beautiful yard…


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