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Another Line of Koch

Article first published as Follow the Line of Koch, Fundamentalists on Blogcritics.

“We’ll make darn sure they spend it in a way that goes along with our intent. If they make a wrong turn and start doing things we don’t agree with we will withdraw funding.” David Koch.
There is no denying that I detest the Koch Brothers and their dealings. They don’t even try to hide their motives anymore, but the people don’t even know who they are, much less what they do, or the power they have in being political billionaires. Koch money is easily handed out to bill signing aficionados. I am livid at the manipulations plastered on Fox News Network. I am disgusted at the weak minded that buy into the rhetoric without digging for the truth. I am disgruntled that these two men are, double handedly, overthrowing our politics, politicians, and our freedoms and rights as Americans. What sends me totally over the top is they count on the Christian Fundamentalists’ dependence on the false rules drummed up in the bible to help further their cause. While the people bow to their Jesus, David and Charles are laughing at the weakness and the ability to lead the meek, or ignorant, to the brink of the toxic cesspool, and like drinking the Jim Jones Kool Aid, they happily snort the Koch, poisoning themselves and every American around them.
Let’s start with the devout Tea Party. The Party is mainly made up of the Christian Fundamentalists. They are a party born from the womb of Americans for Prosperity. The fundamentalists were so happy that a group was going to fund and back their moral beliefs; they didn’t check what Americans for Prosperity really stands for. Were they aware they were selling their ultra moral souls to the reverse side of redemption? They believed they, with the help of Americans for Prosperity, could change the world back to how their God wants it to be, per the words of the two thousand year old book. The Christians, believing they are standing for their God, swallowed the baited hook. The message was sent to vote Republican. Vote with God. Vote with morals. Vote to keep the nation from falling to Hell. As soon as the Tea Party politicians were placed in office, all part of a devised plan, the agenda changed. The Koch’s’ had their majority in office to pass the laws that fit their corporate minds. All else was smoke.
The fundamentalists still can’t see the writing on the walls. They have yet to understand the meaning of divide and conquer. They buy into the anti gay, anti abortion, anti birth control, anti social program agenda. They believe the propagandized pronouncement of key terms: entitlement, handout, and something for nothing. As they worship their bleeding savior they have yet to ask themselves: “What would Jesus do?” They certainly don’t fit that bill, no matter how many praying hands show up at the polls. They tune into Fox and buy it as gospel. Even God said to search for the truth. Never once did he say to be narrow- minded or to pass judgment.
 Their religious leaders stand and speak of killing homosexuals. Maybe it’s just me, but can’t we all hear the whisper of Jesus Christ, as he hangs on the cross: “Come my children, crucify those that are different than you, pass judgment, single out those who you disagree with, insult them, cast stones at the ugliness of their difference of beliefs, starve the hungry, neglect those that need medical attention, kill off the planet in which my father, your almighty God, created for you, create unrest, begin wars of greed, feed the wealthy, ignore the cry of the homeless children, they aren’t entitled to anything. Don’t give handouts, people don’t deserve it. Always, my dear children, give breaks to the wealthy, give them the strength and clear the pathway for them to pollute the land and to torture your soul with their poisons. Eat the genetically modified food presented, that says what my father planted for you wasn’t good enough. Always, my children, I say unto you, do not tax the wealthy and do not let your nation take care of those in need. We are not of the faith of taking care of the sick or needy, we are to bow to the rich and allow them to destroy our nations, our lives, our freedoms, and pollute not only our lands, but our hearts and souls through manipulation, lies, and ignorance. ”
Faith in my God, in my strong spiritual beliefs, shuns those believers. They do not even know the God they pretend to follow. The premise preached is diabolical. The Koch invention of the super PAC, American’s for Prosperity, speaks volumes: American’s for prosperity. I’m sure that is exactly where Jesus would have stood, with prosperity, in a room full of hungry, homeless, non educated, uninsured, and unemployed people, he would have inhaled the Koch ideology and shed his blood for their wealth. Amen?
I put the responsibility on David and Charles Koch and the fundamentalists that were so desperate they clung to the heels of the Koch created Americans for Prosperity. The fundamentalists, without knowledge, gave the brothers superior control in our lawmaking. The laws aren’t to protect the theism of the fundamentalists; it is to clear a distinct path to allow the wealthy to control our laws, our freedoms, and our land. Yes, I am angry.
I don’t think this is a liberal issue. I think this should be an American concern. Let’s talk about the Koch bros:
David Koch leads A.L.E.C (American Legislative Exchange Council) which pushes laws that further the corporate intention. These laws that are pushed are not about your anti abortion/anti gay beliefs. A.L.E.C. educates legislators and helps inform judges through Koch funding. Our judges and legislators take Koch lessons at A.L.E.C. They are taught which laws they should support, which are never moral laws, to further corporate business and the free market. A.L.E.C pushed for privatization of federal and state services and assets to blocking caps on unlimited credit card rates. Remember, the people that belong to A.L.E.C. are our bill makers, many Republican lawmakers, and judges. The companies that belong to the A.L.E.C cult are, my favorite, ExxonMobil, along with: Walmart, Coke, PepsiCo, AT&T, Bayer, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Koch Industries, and U.P.S. Those big money names, especially ExxonMobil, sit at meetings and tell our Republican lawmakers what laws to push through. Now that is scary. I tip my hat to Coke, Walmart, and PepsiCo for recently leaving A.L.E.C., but I know Koch Industries joined with Pfizer and Exxon because they still have too much big money power in our legislation.
Through American’s for Prosperity, Crossroads, and Restore Our Future, the Koch’s are buying the minds of the fundamentalist and those too lazy to search for the truth themselves. They look for articles to fit their thought and push it through. Koch makes the rules and funds these super PACs. The team is taught to motivate and coach the voters. Their goal: To turn people away from environmental laws, social spending, taxing the rich, and division of wealth.
Koch agenda:
Repealing health reform
Deny climate change
Dismantle collective bargaining
Fight reducing carbon emissions
Fight to keep money in elections
Fight Internet neutrality.
The president took massive slams for not allowing the Keystone XL drilling adventure. The Canadian based company wanted to lay miles of pipeline, with substandard steel, and a lot of danger of spillage. The press and, of course, Fox, were all over it. They disrespected the president with many untrue accusations. The president was accused of not wanting to secure our own oil and keep dependence on foreign oil. It didn’t have anything to do with our dependence on foreign oil. It was nothing more than another route to line the Koch pockets.
When the house asked who was to make money from Keystone, guess who popped up? Koch. The, in pocket, Republicans denied claims that the brothers would make money from the oil sands, but it isn’t true. Koch owns Flint Hills Resources and had told Canadian Officials they stood to make a lot of money from the Keystone XL adventure, but they wouldn’t disclose it to our government. On line the Koch brothers made videos claiming no connection, but when asked, almost ordered, to come and talk to Congress, they refused. It’s no wonder our president was being slammed by denying the Koch’s big money adventure. Billionaires have a way of buying their clearance, through lobbyists, legislators, media, and propaganda to the public, this time it seems to have failed. Too many issues were against drilling. The spillage was of great concern, but it also wasn’t oil that could or would lessen our dependence on foreign oil, nor would it lower our gas prices. Its sulfur content is far too high. I’m sure the Koch’s are still pouting over this, but then again, they are just going to spend over the top to buy the candidate that will secure their fininancial endeavors, no matter what the costs to our land or our people. It’s free market.
We wonder where all the privatization talk began. I wonder how people can support it. I don’t understand why or how people can support privatization of something we once cherished, like education. People don’t understand, with the privatization of education comes the ability for the owner to share and teach their personal view, be it American, Communist, Racist, Fascist, or not. Like any private school, the morals taught are not limited to American standards. David Koch tried to pursue privatization in 1980, but the notion left Ronald Reagan shaking his head. Ron didn’t share the Koch fear of Communism, as the Koch’s were bred with, nor did he believe in giving the private sector so much power in our lives. As the Koch Brothers grew, so did their dream of open markets, and the out of control earnings, for free enterprise.
N.A.F.T.A (North American Free Trade Agreement) was passed with the billionaire’s help of David Koch and his Citizens for a Sound Economy, and other corporations and their allies. Wasn’t that the beginning of the fall of our manufacturing industry in the United States? Who, but the very rich, would benefit from free trade? This begins the birth of our global economy.
The Koch brothers are also behind the rise of Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin. It is obvious that Walker is a Koch puppet. David Koch said: “We’re helping him (Walker), as we should. We’ve gotten pretty good at this over the years.” Koch is the largest union busting supporter. He spent $17 million to support the cause. What I don’t understand is how easily the people voted to back the demise of collective bargaining rights. I know, the Koch’s funded, through their super PAC American’s for Prosperity, and their personal contributions, the propaganda against the unions. What’s worse; people believed it. They fell to their knees and began to sound like the high end business.
The Koch’s have learned to be proud of themselves and they laugh at how easily the people follow a few keywords. They chuckle at the working man’s desperation. The unions supported the worker. The unions kept benefits just and the pay scale fair. The unions demanded decent working conditions. All that will just be a memory to companies that could care less about their workers. They want to create a lot of $7.00 an hour jobs in a $20.00 an hour economy. They want to end child labor laws, benefits, limit insurance, and get rid of environmental control. The people follow. I would laugh at all of you; too, if I was a high end business owner, but I can’t laugh, I pity the ignorance.
Restore Our Future is also Koch Industries owned. Bill Koch recently gave $2 million to support them. They advocate lower corporate taxes, less government spending on social programs, and reduced environmental regulations. The premise, most believe, is if big business has more cash flow they will create jobs. The income of Koch Industries has skyrocketed while their employee roles have plummeted. The division of wealth in this country has fallen almost to a level seen only in third world countries. The theory does not work. Taxes continue to be lowered and jobs are not created.
If the government spends less on social programs it brings the people to their knees to low paying jobs that requires them to work two or three jobs to support themselves and their families. They become slaves to the elite class.
If we get rid of environmental protection then there is a field day for the Koch brother’s to illegally dump chemicals, like they have been doing all along. The only difference is, they won’t have to pay the fines for doing so. Koch is a huge contributor to dumping illegally. They illegally dump chemicals. They are guilty of formaldehyde steam rising from their plants. They are high level polluters. Of course, they want to end environmental protection; it gets in the way of their gross capital. I know, the people that live around Koch Industries who are diagnosed with cancer at a rate of over 90%, don’t matter. It only seems to matter to us tree huggers. What’s the problem of contaminating our land, our earth, our air, and how dare us question, care, or regulate. It’s the price the poverty stricken sheeple have to pay so the rich can get richer, I suppose.
The Koch brother’s are thieves, as well. They literally robbed oil from Indian reservations, as if it was their own land. They pumped and stole enough to back them into litigation. It was fairly hush hush, it was only against the Indians, right? Koch’s had to pay $25 million in retribution to their victims. Is that a big enough price to pay? I think jail time would have been far more appropriate. If I stole $25 million worth of goods, I would spend eternity in prison.
The Republicans, in the 2013 defense budget blocks the military from developing or even testing bio-fuels. They claim it’s too costly, but then they passed a resolution to promote expensive and dirty coal to liquid coal. This was backed by the Senate Armed Forces Committee. Coal, along with its cancer causing agents, is acceptable. Back to the Koch’s and their clean coal society. No big deal; after all, the Koch’s are making big bucks. It seems with every Republican bill pushed, there is Koch behind it. It’s quite scary when you see the Republican agenda leads to benefit Koch.
The Koch brother’s have set up think tanks: 1st Free Market Think Tank, The Mercatus Center, and George Mason University. They have bought news media. They are now focused on overthrowing all democracy, at least democracy as we know it. The brothers know the only way to force their agenda is with a Republican President. They are throwing their money, and tons of it, to ensure Obama loses. This isn’t because they believe he is a communist, like they try to make you believe, this is so they will have an open door to control everything, making free market a free ride.
The super PACs American Crossroads and its nonprofit affiliate, Crossroads GPS plan to spend $300 million. The super PAC Restore Our Future has already given Mitt Romney a lot of money, but their target is $150 million. Adding Americans for Prosperity to the list, the aim is $850 million, and that is just the contributions through the super PAC’s. That doesn’t include the money funded for all the high level voter suppression, as in the bills the Michigan Governor is trying to pass to suppress democratic votes. That doesn’t count the voter suppression in Florida, either. These Koch following Republicans are actually, and outwardly, trying to depress votes, legally. When in American history was it ever imagined that the leaders of a state would try to curtail the vote of the public? When did this behavior become acceptable? Why are we allowing it?
The Koch brother’s are well on their way to being the highest bidder of our highest and most respected political position, The Presidency. Yes, they are buying it. The Supreme Court appointing the last Republican president was bad enough. The Koch brothers are thieving, chemical dumping, union busting, governor owning, integrity lacking, brothers that have brainwashed the public into blindness. They are stealing our democracy.
Now, back to the Tea Party, did you see a word written about the good that American’s for Prosperity has done to further your fundamental goals? I would have written about them, if there were some, but they simply aren’t there. I cannot find a link that would make one believe that American’s for Prosperity cares about abortion rights, gay rights, religious rights, or any of the other rights you are constantly using God against. They do care about racism, just as the elder Koch father did, through his beliefs linked to the John Birch Society, but there was nothing that would further your holy agenda. You have been duped, ironically, by your own judgment. I can’t feel sorry for you, but I do feel sorry for the condition you and your judgments have put our entire nation in.
Before you bash me, and I know you will, do research on the Koch brother’s agenda yourself. Then hang your head in shame. You’ll see, you were just a pawn, and you were manipulated by the brother’s that laugh at your fundamental beliefs. You gave them the power to make us all choke on the power of the elite. Continue to follow the line of Koch, like any other good addict.

As always till the next time... over and out, Pam

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