Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Fall Of Lady Liberty

Article first published as The Fall of Lady Liberty on Blogcritics.

If I could reach every inmate in this prison we are creating, called America, I would shake them awake. I have never seen so many constitutional rights aborted as have been in the past few years, unilaterally. This is not a party issue. This isn’t about Liberals and Conservatives. They are equally responsible for tying our hands and to taping our mouths. The truth: Republican/Conservative, Democrat/Liberal are working together with the exact same agenda. Our government is over throwing our U.S. Constitution as we sit idle. Bill S 1813, aka: Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act is a classic example of how they are slowly terminating of our rights. This bill is intended to reauthorize federal aid highway safety construction programs. That’s all fine and good, right? Wrong. Let’s move on to the amendment to Bill S 1813: Section 40304.

Now, it’s bad enough that there is legislation to force every car to have a black box installed by 2015 so we can be tracked, but there is a definite hit to freedom in section 40304 that is a little more alarming.

Section 40304 gives the Internal Revenue Service the absolute power to:

Place a person in a central database.

Revoke all passports and travel rights.

Remove the rights to own a firearm.

The I.R.S will have the power, without the constitutional promise of due process, to invoke these conditions upon any American if they claim a person owes $50,000 or more in back taxes. The I.R.S claim will have the power to strip a person of their given rights as an American. Somehow stripping rights based on a simple accusation by the Internal Revenue Service fits in with the recent NDAA law, doesn’t it?

The real issue isn’t that one could lose rights for not paying taxes. It’s the fundamental issues. It’s the constitutional issues of Due Process and the Right to Bear Arms. NDAA allows the President to accuse, arrest, and detain, indefinitely without charges. NDAA enables our military to strike on our own soil if there is suspected terrorism. (Our military was never allowed to strike on our own soil to prevent dominate control.) NDAA also allows for executions. The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act grants the Internal Revenue Service the powers to strip rights on a whim, again, without any proof. All they need to substantiate Domestic Terrorism is the accusation. The power of Due Process is failing when laws are signed giving absolute power abolishing the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Of course, the 2nd Amendment has to be abolished, too, right? We don’t need guns, do we? Why should the American people be allowed to own a firearm? We have seen what the government does once they get their foot in the door on any issue. This is the beginning of the trickle down that will eventually collapse the Right to Bear Arms under the false and fabricated Domestic Terrorist laws.  Are we going to bite into the Domestic Terrorism apple? Are we going to believe a tax dodger is a terrorist? The Right to Bear Arms, along with its sister, Due Process can’t exist in a state of tyranny. With all these laws being passed against Americans what happens when guns are stripped away and people are rendered helpless (and hopeless?) It begins with one small law being made against the 2nd Amendment and it will snowball. The Patriot Act snowballed into the NDAA. Think about these issues in totality, not in a secular spotlight. Look and pay close attention to where we are headed.

I can’t help but wonder what happens with Corporate America. The Supreme Court ruled corporations as people. If corporations are in tax arrears do they lose their rights? How about all the politicians that fall delinquent on their taxes? Are they penalized or exempt from 40304? (Note: Politicians owe millions in back taxes.)

These laws were never put into place to keep the terrorists from attacking us. The terrorists are going to terrorize, no matter what laws are implemented. Fear is a great moderator and the government keeps using it to mold the minds of those who don’t dig deeper and see the truth. The government uses key phrases in their mission to desecrate American freedoms. Their words instill fear. How does the fear of Middle Eastern Taliban terrorists morph into Domestic Terrorism? It’s words meant to bend the minds of those who believe. The Patriot Act, NDAA, and Bill S 1813, sec 40304 are Anti American, Anti Freedom, and Anti Constitution laws. They are meant to control us while they hide behind the face of protection.

The government has pushed it to the point of allowing the I.R.S to be a judge and jury and to cast sanctions. Bill S 1813 has already passed the American Senate and is waiting for House approval. Our Senators voted in favor of 40304. Will our House of Representatives go along? Will the President sign it into law? Are they going to claim the rest of the bill was worth passing and they missed the added pork?

Domestic Terrorism is a broad term. The government can accuse any of us, at any time, of being a Domestic Terrorist, and we don’t even get our day in court. Nice.

I’d like to make my own key term to banter to the masses: Elected Terrorists. That is where the fear really lies. The mission of the Elected Terrorist is to rape us of freedom and to gain absolute control. Our constitution was set up with Checks and Balances. It was created to keep any form of government having absolute control.

The Internal Revenue Service shouldn’t have any power, without charge and due process, over our fundamental freedom. How is not paying taxes a terrorist act? It’s not. It is merely the beginning of the disarming the American people. With Due Process becoming invisible a freedoms disappear. Are you ready to hand over your firearm? Think long and hard.

I hear Hitler’s famous quote whispering in my ear: “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.” In my mind the word terrorism follows.

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  1. Great article, well informed. Keep us in truth. bfoaks feb/11

  2. Thanks Bob! I like that date! lol