Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Calling All Allen Park Residents, Again

I just finished reading the Editorial in The News Herald titled: “Allen Park Deserves Better Leadership in Time of Crisis.” I thought of the many times I tried to reach the Allen Park citizens, pounding the same drum as the writer, to no avail. I was put down and ridiculed as if I didn’t know what I was talking about concerning Emergency Financial Manager. I see he is gaining the same in the comment section. I wrote in favor of the millage and I tried to rally voters to vote as well. They voted, alright, and they voted against it. I talked to people hoping they would gain enough insight to research the destruction of EFM’s in other cities, but it all fell on deaf ears. I will try again, only because it is a fundamental American issue, not just an Allen Park issue, not just a Michigan issue, but a United States of America issue. Cities are becoming like fallen soldiers to absolute control. The premise the voters are using is off base and incorrect. I don’t know what it will take to open their eyes, but I, too, will try again.

I read the news every day. I am just waiting for the rest of the Downriver Community to cave to the EFM’s, just like Allen Park. With Lincoln Park closing schools and trying desperately to save their own budget problems, I suspect they will be next. I expect Trenton to follow since they recently opened their school system to school of choice. I really hoped Allen Park would set an example of what it means to be a true American. To buckle down, do the right thing, and suck up whatever sludge they had to in order to maintain democracy. They let me down, but worse yet, they let themselves down. Still, they can’t get past the envy of pensions of police and fire. These people took their cuts. They tried to help, but the residents want to take all. They place the blame of the total crisis in the laps of those who protect their safety.

I don’t know why the residents of this sweet and quaint little city are blinded by the forest. I don’t understand why their desire to place blame where it doesn’t belong supersedes just jumping in and fixing the problem.

Watching Allen Park has taught me a lesson in politics. It has taught me that it is people like this, people that don’t “get it,” that have put us in the position politically that we are in now. It is minds that think and watch through closed windows and doors that surrender our rights, time after time, without even realizing what they are doing. They are so busy passing the buck, blaming the next guy, and protecting their leisure, that they given our politicians’ carte blanche to rape us of our rights. The head in the sand mentality enables one to blame, and deem themselves not responsible, and has led to the beginning of the fall of the crux of the American Constitution. Sure, vote no, who wants to pay more taxes? Why should we have to pay when they make too much money, that’s the real problem?” Come on, why should that American Soldier help his friend who just lost his legs, after all, it wasn’t because of his bomb, he didn’t do it. That seems to be the mentality. It isn’t like it should be. It should be, based on American values: We are in trouble and we need to help ourselves out of this situation. If not we will be taken over by a dictator, an American Hitler, put into place to control what you feel is most important. Remember: United We Stand!

To the people in Allen Park:

What is most important to you? I watched the residents speak out about the Sports Arena, but not one person spoke out about saving their city. Not one person, not one parent, spoke about saving education. The city, the children, and education should far outweigh the Sports Arena. The meaning of your homeland should be a priority. It’s really no different than surrendering to Hitler’s Nazi Germany. You lose control of everything. No voting, no city council fighting for your rights, nothing. A dictatorship led by one man which invalidates your votes. I don’t get it. Why is the focus on blaming anyone the residents can when there is so much more at stake?

I’ve listened to people blame the Mayor. I spoke with the Mayor, at length. He is more about saving Allen Park for the residents than the residents are. What’s in it for him? He doesn’t lose his job if an EFM is appointed, his income is preserved, but he loses the power to fight for you. He loves the city and he is doing everything he can do to save you from yourselves. Sadly, so many people blame him for not doing enough.

I’ve had enough mean comments from Allen Park resident’s to know the response will be something ultra intelligent like: “You are from Trenton, stay in Trenton.” I was even told I should be tarred and feathered and forced out of town. There is a bigger picture you don’t see, Allen Park, I am an American. You are a part of my American body. We all stand together as American’s. When an American Right is demolished, I want to fight for it. I want to breathe freedom back into the spirits that have lost it in the heap of blame. Many have given their lives for our freedom and I doubt the majority of those were Allen Park residents.

This isn’t about just Allen Park. This is about the condition of Michigan, in general. This is about a Governor that is undermining all cities. He is obliterating the core from the inside, out. He begins by attacking the funds in education, almost setting up the most secure cities to fall. Then once the city falls he takes over. Do the residents of Allen Park want absolute control by an Emergency Financial Manager who answers to nobody but the dictator, himself, Rick Snyder?

Are the Allen Park residents aware that Rick is going to abolish the property tax on businesses? That sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? Well this is how it plays out for your city. Even if you would have had Unity Studios, all the taxes that the city would have received from taxes on the property at Unity Studios would be withdrawn from the city. Those funds go directly to the municipalities for education and other city services. I’m sure when the deal was cut with Unity it had that premise in mind. So, with this knowledge, know that Allen Park is going to be slammed again once those taxes are abolished. Know that the residents, and their children, are going to take another cut in income. All Michigan cities are going to take a hard slam on the loss of that revenue. What now, Allen Park? Do you really want to put the future of your city in the hands of the ogre that is trying to set us all up for failure in the first place?

If I were a resident of Allen Park, I wouldn’t just vote in a 4 mill increase for two years. I would go to the city and beg them to allow me to pay an 8 mill increase. That is the only way you can save yourselves and your city from the overthrow of our municipalities, by the very same person you are trusting to save you.

I hear Mayor Matakas is going to try to put the mill increase on the November 6th ballot. I hope you make it this time. I hope you step up to the plate and simply do what needs to be done. Remember, you are going to be counting on Dearborn for emergency services and they are going to take a $12-$17 million dollar hit when those property taxes are stopped. Do you think they will be able to afford to carry you then?

An Emergency Financial Manager is not an accountant that is going to help you figure out your budget crisis. It is a Dictator. Don’t come back at me with the inane statements of where I reside. When one American falls, we all do. When one city falls, it opens the doors for all the other cities. Be an American, for Pete’s sake. Do what needs to be done and grow past the issues of the city today for a brighter tomorrow. Show your kids the pride of Americanism. Quit being a quitter, a blamer, an irresponsible resident, and above all, quit feeding the Demon of Dictatorship.

Open your eyes.

Till the next time…Deuces,



  1. Thanks for another absurd commentary.

    1. I just woke up, had a bad dream. Oh everything is okay. I live in Belleville, primarily a Republican city. You know, full of hard-working middle-class families and retired peoples. Kind of like living in the country. That'll never happen here, not to us. Good news, We here are part of the dream team. I can go back to sleep now, I'm going to close my eyes and just count sheep. Sweet dreams to me............bfoaks2-11

    2. What makes anyone think that,greed and the lust for power has limitations? They never have and they never will. There is this thing called imminent domain, which has been used to seize personal property, even this entire swatches of the US land mass.
      As their conquests without war increases, so will their boldness. When the dictator eyes your personal property and boldly declares it his, to do with it whatsoever he will, such as giving it to some developer or even a family member, remember there are no limitations. Then and only then, will you know what it would be like to live under a dictator. These are the events that spawn revolutions. Will you be able to sleep through that?

  2. If it is absurd to you, so be it. I am now reading comments of Allen Park residents whining that they don't want outsourced police and fire protection.....ta get what you vote for...

    1. Shush Pam, you're waking up the sheepeople. They're all pissed off at you now. You've just ruined their American dream. Now it's all your fault. They thought the power of one vote and I mean only one vote, no more no less, and not made by them, that everything will be all better. After all, they have been taught in public schools, as well as well their homes by their parents.
      That their silence screams the rights of their freedom of speech, justice and liberty for all.

  3. Please stop with your comments that are totally non-factual. The cops, firemen, and public workers have been ripping the taxpayers off for years. Until you know how the sytem works in Allen Park, I suggest you find something else to wrtie about. It's very obvious you are totally clueless.

  4. Those damn's all their fault. Open your eyes...EFM...enough said.

  5. Hey Pam,
    I like this article you've written. The sheeple are still sleeping. I wonder, are we still all drunk with love of our lives from the past – are we still sleeping. Still dreaming the American dream. Do they think when we wake up, everything will be just fine. Or should we brace ourselves for a big storm. Lookout American sheepeople. Big Brother Wolf, he's a huffin and puffin. Don't worry he might blow out your closed windows and locked doors, but he's not going to destroy that house. You're going to donate it to corporate America, Little big brother is all. Then he's gonna pay you a pittance, to get the hell out. Then the banks recieve a big fat check for thier losses. Little big brothers will buy that house in Allen Park for nothing, and rent it to your neighbors from Trenton. Then they'll all be standing around, scratching their head, pointing their fingers and screaming who did that to me.
    Oh, and don't forget. Little big brother gets that business tax break, because the house is not a homestead. It becomes a corporate asset. Part of the economic stimulus package. Little big brother will get a long-term loan, nearly interest-free, and he can take as long as he wants to pay it back. WOW, how cool is that !!!! Then the old Allen Park residents will be meandering down the field, making thier way to rent a house in Trenton. They'll find a beautiful quaint home to rent and they'll think, this ain't so bad. I like this Trenton much better than Allen Park. I'm glad we live here now. OHhhh.......Now thats Living the American dream.........
    AHOH, what just happened. We the residents of Trenton, why are we facing this millage. Why do we have to pay these taxes. This is bull shipped. Im not doing it. I'm voting no. This is not my fault, I'm from Allen Park. Yeah, now I know who to point my finger at. Its all Pam's fault. The new Corporate guide dictates, "God bless America. United Big Brother stands, dividing us we all fall."
    Let's all hold hands and sing along.....".KUMBAYA" Mmmm that felt so good I think I go take a nap ...............