Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Radical Islam, Sharia Law, Anti Muslim, OR Are You The Religious Radical, Mr. Jones?

Terry Jones, the anti Islam Pastor from Florida, wants to come back to Dearborn to taunt and antagonize the Arabic Muslim population, once again. Mr. Jones claims he wants to speak out against Sharia Law and Radical Islam. He has chosen to speak in front of the largest Muslim Mosque in North America.  
Terry Jones is best known for ordering the burning of the Qur’an, the Muslim Holy Book. Jones told his assistant, Wayne Sapp, to douse the Qur’an with gasoline and ignite it. This drew more contempt for Americans in the Middle East. In Afghanistan, burning the Qur’an stirred anti American marches that became deadly for at least eleven people. “According to Afghan Police and U.N. officials four U.N. officials from Nepal were killed. Three workers in the U.N. Building, a Norwegian, a Romanian, and a Swede also lost their lives.” By chance, none were American, but does the nationality of the dead really matter? People died because of Terry Jones irresponsible and anti American acts. He stood against everything we stand for as Americans, yet he represented us the second that book went up in flames. I am ashamed.
Terry Jones claims to be spreading the word of God. I wonder what bible he is thumping out of. I can’t help but wonder which God he is speaking for. I was raised Catholic, but have since changed religions. I am not a Muslim, but I do respect any and all religions and the people that believe in them. I live in America where there is Freedom of Religion. We have no right to slander any religion with our own personal biasness. We are Americans. We are all protected and allowed to be who we are. We are all free enough to worship who and what we choose, and we do not have the right to push our beliefs and convictions down undeserving and unwarranted throats.
Terry Jones is suing Dearborn under the First Amendment. He is angry because The City of Dearborn wants a signed disclaimer before he publically speaks. I don’t blame Dearborn. I find it interesting that Jones is suing under the same First Amendment for his Freedom of Speech that he is slandering with his religious view under Freedom of Religion. How do you live on both sides of the First Amendment freedoms? I can’t help but shake my head in awe and disbelief.
Now, I am totally against the freedoms we are losing. The First Amendment took a huge hit as the President signed a law making it a felony to “peacefully assemble” where there is secret service people. In this case, I say bring in the secret service…and the rest needs not to be said.
Anyone that knows anything about Dearborn knows there is not Sharia Law. I find that comical. To even begin to preach against it, in a Muslim world of Americans that fled Sharia Law, is ludicrous. As for his preaching against radical Islam, why not begin by preaching against any radical religious views, you know, like Qur’an burning southern Pastors that have no place in peace keeping neighborhoods like Dearborn. I think someone forgot to tell Mr. Jones, who announced his bid for president, that the American Muslims, too, are protected by the First Amendment. I bet if we could all vote on Terry Jones presence, we’d vote “ney.” I know I would.
Dearborn is my hometown. I was raised on Theisen. I went to Fordson. I was baptized in the south end at Saint Bernadette’s. My Dad was raised on Amazon where I was born. My Grandfather bought the Amazon house. It was his first house in America after coming here from Italy. My Grandfather was a brick layer for Ford Motor Company.  My Dad was a tool maker for Fords. I am a Dearborn girl. I watched the transition to an Arabic Community, but there was never a time I was afraid, not then, not now. Dearborn is a peaceful community and the people of Dearborn enjoy their city. I have never feared Sharia Law as I drove down Dearborn streets. I have never feared the Muslims or the Arabs, but I do fear the dangerous mindset of people like Terry Jones.
I think Jones should go and run his spiel at the Mosque in maybe, Iran, where he isn’t so protected by his American Freedoms. Being a person that believes in God, I find his kind egotistical, narcissistic, and ignorant. His words and actions spread hatred. The Muslims, like the Baptists, Catholics, and Mormons have a right to their beliefs without scorn and/or ridicule. I want to know if he understands biblical terms like: Judge not. Terry Jones, go home, quit trying to insult our people here. Your “Dove World Outreach Center”  has about thirty to forty followers…why not stick with them?
Till the next time….Chao


  1. Very informative ,well said,and with all religions freedom of speech is protected under the constitution,and human rights etc are protected under the constitution if a religious sect gets out of wacko texas compound got out of control,and the mormon pastor da da da got out of control in some state? i tried obeying the ten commandments but difficult at times! Recently read up on sharia law and that is ineresting! In prison celled with a dude that looked like bin laden but he prayed most of the time...but we got into a fight over something stupid...that was many many yrs ago!

    1. me again...itwasn't really a fight noone got hurt and it was over my sweat shirt that he was wearing and at the time i was almost mentally insane, after fight i moved to a dif cell and did survived my time and got released and been trying to enjoy and make the best of the ten yrs i been out and hopefully I can enjoy and live 10 ,20 more yrs!