Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monsanto's new FAKE corn Without Labels

Before buying corn in any grocery store or farmers market ask yourself if you are interested in eating a tasty little kernel of genetically engineered, Round Up immune, insect killing toxin producing, manmade, maize. Of course, it’s corn, it’s natural, right? No, not right at all. Monsanto, a producer of over ninety percent of genetically engineered food, is at it again. Yes, they have “created” a lookalike vegetable. We wouldn’t ever know the difference between a can of naturally grown or engineered corn, so we count on our government to protect us from ingesting chemicals, right? Wrong. Seems our government, the same government that sends eighteen year old kids to war, lack the big boy courage to stand up against Monsanto. They have cowered and proverbially hid in the closet from the same Corporate America they created.  Amazing? No. There is zero dignity in pusillanimous lawmakers who claim to represent us. They allow the product to be put on the shelves for consumption, without labels. They are afraid of taking a stand to keep us from poisoning ourselves by ingesting Monsanto product. A great example of this cowardice is exhibited in the actions over Vermont House Bill H-722, The Vermont Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.

This Bill would have forced all genetically engineered foods to be properly labeled so the consumer isn’t duped into buying what may otherwise be labeled, “natural,” “naturally made,” “naturally grown,” or “all natural,” as they are labeled now. Monsanto got a ruffle in their genetically altered tail feathers and threatened Vermont with lawsuits if they signed the bill into law. The law has been pushed aside and ignored since the threat of litigation.

This isn’t the first time Vermont has ran away with their tails tucked firmly between their legs. In 1994, Vermont tried to keep dairy’s from marketing milk from cows injected with BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone.) Monsanto pushed the seed of fear and Vermont surrendered, choosing to sacrifice people and their health over Monsanto’s power over control threats of litigation.

I’m amazed at the issue in itself. “Fear of litigation?” Is that a real threat? Have our appointees to our judicial system been so Corporate sided that the people have been robbed of their right not to eat poison? How could an American court ever side with Monsanto in a food labeling issue knowing the process could cause potential serious health hazards? Even more importantly, why would our courts side with Monsanto against Americans in the first place, labels or not?

Now, as a Mom, if I fed my children anti freeze I would be arrested. I guess I could claim I didn’t know it could possibly hurt my child, but even a bottle of anti freeze is labeled, “DO NOT INGEST.”  I’d go to jail on charges ranging from Child Endangerment to Attempted Murder. I could threaten all the litigation I wanted to, but I would still rot in jail after being raked over the “Mom that poisoned her child” coals. The Supreme Court would uphold my prison sentence. The people would cheer and post what a horrible person I was for what I had done. Why is it okay for Monsanto to poison my children without my knowledge, threaten litigation, and scare away the very people who are supposed to protect us? Why is it acceptable NOT to label food that may potentially be just as harmful to some as drinking antifreeze, long term? For Monsanto there is no arrest or charge, they simply continue to make more money by pushing thier products. 

The lawmakers cower to Corporate America, fearing our own court system lacks when it comes to protecting our own. Nice.

It’s a sad state in America when the young servicemen that are sent abroad have more dignity, honor, courage, and patriotism than the American Governing Powers. Who ever thought Senators, Congressmen, and Governmental leaders would act like the scared little boy giving up his lunch money on the playground? Didn’t anyone ever tell them that when you face the bully he loses his power? I’m shaking my head.

Welcome to America…

Till the next time….Hasta la Vista


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