Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buffet Rule, Social Security, AIG, Corporate America.. 2012 Election, THE POLITICAL FREE RIDE

I’m amazed at the arrogance of the Republicans that are struggling to win the presidential race this year. They voted down the Buffet Rule, a tax bill that would increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans. This increase would begin at earnings over 1 million and reach 30% above 2 million. The Republicans used the filibuster in a 51-45 vote to strike it down. Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas crossed party lines in their vote. Hail to Senator Collins! Some Republicans think it’s an attempt by the President to give more Americans a “free ride.” The term “free ride” has begun to seriously rub me the wrong way. I am tired of the use pertaining to liberals with the attached assimilation that “we” all want something for nothing.

Here’s to your premise: Yes, we want to preserve Social Security. Why? Well, Social Security began because many of our elderly were eating cat food or rotted food out of dumpsters. Social Security was a wonderful program that supported itself until we started tapping from it. Of course, many think we should just get rid of it; it costs too much money, right? Wrong. We owe Social Security and Medicare 4.6 Trillion dollars. So, slay the creditor? Sure, that way we save 4.6 Trillion. There is always a method for the madness. Now, wouldn’t ending Social Security be giving someone along the line a “free ride” though the non remittance of the owed debt?

“Free Ride” like in 24 billion in oil subsidies? It seems to me that in giving the oil companies 24 billion, that’s a free ride, that’s a gift I don’t want to give. I’m tired of their free ride. I don’t want to support them. The Republicans blocked ending those subsidies, too, saying (or threatening) gas prices at the pump would skyrocket. So with Exxon Mobil netting 4.7 Million per hour are they being carried on the backs of 8 dollar an hour employees? Yep! Free ride.

In Michigan, Snyder took 1.8 billion out of our budget and granted it as a tax break to big business, while taxing the retirement of the elderly to recoup the loss. Corporate America is being carried on the backs of those that can no longer stand up? Yes, again, I am tired of the free ride.

How about that 700 billion AIG deal, that was nice, wasn’t it? What a gift! People were taking 40 Million dollar bonuses out of that gift. Again they were carried on the backs of those poor people that are accused of not paying enough or expecting a free ride. Hey, do the people know that AIG is STILL getting government money? Nope, that’s kept pretty hush hush now, isn’t it?

You don’t want to pay for prescription coverage, welfare, food stamps, insurance, education, and social programs. Here’s a news flash, I don’t want to pay to have our Military stationed in 190 countries around the world. I don’t want to pay our Military to go to wars in countries we have no business being in. I don’t want to pay for bombs to bomb innocents. I don’t want to pay high dollar to politicians that are selling our rights to the highest bidder. I don’t want to pay Exxon Mobil, twice, and I don’t want another penny of taxpayers’ money going to AIG, ahhh but it does….and it’s mainly on the backs of the working class people, because the very rich have found their out in the Republican party.

No, it isn’t about the impoverished “free ride.” I’m tired of the “Free Ride” given to Corporate America in the dismal hopes of trickle down. Of course, they all banter about union busting, then the nation will fall to “right to work,” which will supply a lot of 8 dollar an hour jobs to people that won’t be able to afford to pay for education, you know, once it’s owned privately?

Yes, Republicans, Conservatives, I AM TIRED OF THE FREE RIDE YOU HAVE BEEN VOTING IN! Corporate America needs to submit some kind of a fairness. It’s time they pay their share. This is out of hand. Oh, and for that new bill you are going to try and pass next week, the one that’s going to ask for a 20% tax reduction, think about the free ride. Remember 72% of the American people polled in a CNN/ORC poll favored taxing the very wealthy at 30%. Aren’t your votes supposed to represent the people? I think you are right, the free ride should be over.

I wouldn’t ever begrudge a shelter in the cold, a plate of food, or medical help to anyone. I think that’s what we are supposed to do. I’m insulted as an American and more so as a human being at people that would take food from the poor to finance Corporate America. Yes, I’m an American and I am a proud liberal.

Wake Up America!!!

Till the next time….Peace.


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