Friday, March 23, 2012

"Deaf Silence"

This past week I had a conversation with a certain city official. In that conversation he stated that he felt people listened in “deaf silence.” This was in reference to the people fighting for the Ice Arena in Allen Park at the emergency meeting held last Tuesday night, speaking out to save the arena above all else, while the entire city is on the verge of financial collapse.  

The term, for me, didn’t only include the people in the Auditorium. It included the population in America, in general. In my mind the term, “deaf silence” morphed into “dumb silence” and then to “dead silence.”

With those terms in mind I thought about how many rights we have lost over the years. How many people are totally unaware only because they listen in a state of “deaf silence?” While America gears towards tyranny the importance, to many, seems to be in fear of the loss of “the pleasure principle.”  

Growing up in the seventies it was the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” mentality. It seems that as my generation grew older the top priorities may have changed, maybe to something like, “sex, sports, and cable TV.” or “sex, less taxes, and I, me, mine,” but the short sightedness stayed the same. The Pleasure Principle.

My intelligence is stymied at how many people count on one news source, be it CNN, FOX, or MSNBC. I can’t believe how many people, with internet access, take one news source verbatim. They don’t research beyond the comfort of the living room couch. And then they vote based on their learned bias. “Deaf silence.”

People focus on the negatives brought before them on the nightly news. An issue like the “mess” the Occupy movement is creating seems to take the 1960 protesters into a state of:  “I can’t believe they are doing this. Look at them! They are nothing but drug addicted kids smoking pot with nothing else to do. They need to get a job. They all want something for nothing.” I have heard that so many times I want to grab shoulders and shake these people awake. I want to break through the “deaf silence” and say: “These are the people that are trying to save all of us, respect them!” None of the criticizers have been to a rally. I have been on the steps of the Michigan Capitol. This was just before the Occupy movement took hold. I saw people between 18 and 80 (or older) standing against the power appointed to the Emergency Financial Manager, taxing the retirees, and the dissolution of collective bargaining rights. The protesters are the people that know what is happening. They are the people that haven’t succumbed to the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” carry over. They are the people that hear every vote waged against the people of America, robbing freedoms. The protesters don’t suffer from “deaf silence” as their counterparts do.

“Deaf silence” metastasizes into “dumb silence” when Americans agree with bills signed against the 1st Amendment. When bills are signed making the right to peacefully assemble a felony, religion can be used to discriminate, and there is a push for censorship of the internet, we are in big trouble. The people that can turn their heads and do nothing, yet condemn those that speak against it suffer from “dumb silence.”  In the minds of the people suffering from this condition, like Alzheimer’s, they forget they used to know what freedoms our government was capable of taking from us. They turned their backs and focused on what was important to them, the things that make them comfortable, once again, “The Pleasure Principle.” This condition leads to stronger government. Those afflicted pave the way for harsher laws to be signed. Without treatment “dumb silence” becomes terminal.

In the terminal stages of “dumb silence” we see the condition exacerbate into “dead silence.” This is the stage where the pleasure principle has superseded all making the listener dangerous, not only to themselves, but to all their fellow Americans. At this stage they are coerced into believing that big corporate business is far more important than feeding the poor and elderly under the “trickle down” premise.  This is a state of political coma. Here is where tyranny takes the foothold and bills against Due Process, for Martial Law, and against every other American freedom runs rampant, decaying and eroding the once cherished and fought for American Dream. The sufferers of “dead silence” nod in agreement to the loss of rights out of the propagandized fear pushed out of the mouths of network news commentators and politicians with agendas. Without the knowledge and awareness of their own sickness they sacrifice what they hold most dear and that is the RIGHT to The Pleasure Principle.

America is in big trouble due to those who have been controlled out of the moderator, fear. The Patriot Act and The National Defense Authorization Act are horrendous laws against basic American Freedoms. The Deaf, Dumb, and Dead back these laws thinking it is what is best to keep us free from terrorism. Is it? Do you really think the laws passed are what have kept “the terrorists” from striking us? Think again. To believe that, in itself, is ridiculous.  The laws are against the American people. It is our rights that have significantly diminished, not the rights of the foreign terrorists. Wake up America!

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