Thursday, March 15, 2012


As freedom raping bills continue to pass through state and federal governments with rapid speed, dismantling our constitution, the American populous is focused on Rush Limbaugh. His point is valid to many conservatives. The rudimentary expressions sparked great debate and controversy, keeping the media buzzing with an alarming number of supporters. The majority siding with Rush paralleled his language and his beliefs that birth control shouldn’t be covered by insurance. Rush believes it is the gateway for women to be promiscuous “sluts” and “prostitutes.” His comments were directed to 30 year old, Sandra Fluke, after she testified before Congress about her university’s health care contraception coverage. One by one, callers followed Rush’s lead, with a succession of redundant statements, almost identical to the demeaning words used by the arrogant media showman.
Rush directed his verbal assaults to one woman, but the sound and meaning of his words resonated to all. How dare any man publically dehumanize and criticize Ms. Fluke, reaffirming the Republican/conservative views on women’s issues? With the nation back peddling on all civil rights via both political parties; it certainly isn’t the time for a public debacle slamming women and their rights.
I wonder how deep the tracks run in the mind of Mr. Limbaugh and his like thinkers? The birth control/abortion issue is multi facetted.  I understand that he doesn’t want to pay for “sluts” and “prostitutes” to live a promiscuous lifestyle without the fear of getting pregnant, but shouldn’t any prescription written by a doctor be covered by insurance? What if his insurance company refused his high cost, life saving, medication, discriminating because of his age? Would he then reconsider what prescriptions should be honored?
 American greed has led people to the selfishness they exhibit, everyday new drugs are added to the “do not cover” list, and eventually the insurance companies will decide which drugs are worth the lower cost to their insured and which isn’t.  The liberals shake their heads, astonished by American complacency and wonder when America became not only a blind nation, but a selfish one?

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  1. Well said, shame on him for saying that. He has NO right to even utter those words.